Middleby Corporation’s TurboChef Selects LeanDNA to Provide Visibility into Production Readiness and Shortage Management

TurboChef is implementing LeanDNA to provide visibility into all parts of the supply and demand chain.

AUSTIN, Texas — April 23, 2024 — LeanDNA, a leading inventory optimization and execution platform, today announced that TurboChef, a division of the Middleby Corporation and the manufacturer of ventless, rapid-cook ovens, has selected LeanDNA to provide the company with visibility into production readiness and shortage management. LeanDNA's advanced analytics provide cross-site visibility and actionable inventory recommendations, enabling TurboChef to improve on-time delivery, reduce operating expenses, and achieve operational excellence.

"I have seen firsthand the tremendous transformation from tactical support to strategic focus that implementing LeanDNA enables in prior roles," said Chris Lynn, Vice President of Procurement at TurboChef. "I'm excited to deploy LeanDNA across our TurboChef, CookTek, and Lab 2 Fab business units and watch the team see the meaningful supply-to-demand visibility that this amazing technology enables."

"We're honored that TurboChef has chosen LeanDNA to streamline workflows and data across sites, systems, and suppliers," said Richard Lebovitz, CEO of LeanDNA. "We look forward to supporting TurboChef to help them optimize their inventory to increase profitability and maximize revenue as many other customers have experienced."

LeanDNA's cloud-based factory inventory management and analytics platform improves on-time delivery by arming procurement teams with actionable data that reduces shortages, optimizes inventory, and improves buyer efficiency. The platform uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to support inventory decisions, find opportunities to avoid future shortages, and drive collaboration across teams, suppliers, and factory sites.

"LeanDNA is a powerful tool that we are excited to see fully deployed and utilized very quickly," said Lynn. "There will be a strong line of balance visibility to improve supplier communication on demand and forecast planning. And the clear to build feature will improve communication and visibility between functional groups to the plan for every part," said Lynn.

LeanDNA is purpose-built for complex supply chains and serves a growing roster of manufacturers. On average, LeanDNA customers will realize a 20% decrease in excess inventory, a 25% decrease in inventory shortages, a 97% improvement in on-time delivery, and a 30% improvement in inventory turns. Through data-driven insights and continuous improvement initiatives, LeanDNA empowers organizations to revolutionize their supply chain operations, achieve operational excellence, and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

About LeanDNA
LeanDNA is a leading intelligent supply chain execution platform that enables supply chain teams with a single source of truth for inventory management and production readiness. This cloud-based platform synchronizes execution across the supply chain, empowering manufacturers to prioritize and collaborate to resolve critical material shortages and excesses. With LeanDNA, manufacturers improve on-time delivery and working capital levels by gaining visibility into current and incoming materials, actions based on inventory criticality, real-time collaboration with suppliers, and the ability to track progress toward inventory optimization goals. Learn more at LeanDNA.com.

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