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AI With The Best will host 100 speakers presenting on machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, chatbots, automation, big data, computer vision, and much more. Confirmed speakers include Ian Goodfellow (Google Brain), Hugo Larochelle (Google), Ruslan Salakhutdinov (Apple), Yao Zhang (Roboterra), Louis Monier (AirBnB), and etc. Not only do attendees listen to technical talks that'll strengthen their skills, they'll access a platform to book 1-on-1's, view insights, and accept challenges.

Mailing Address:
950 Battery St
San Francisco, CA 94596
United States of America

Tel: (510) 246-4296


Website: http://WITHTHEBEST.COM

Company Category: Automation & IIoT

Company Sector: Software

Keywords: artificial inteligence, machine learning, nlp

Partner Status: Free Company Listing


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