Hodei’s telepresence capabilities leveraging Glass, and by providing access to all the necessary troubleshooting materials on a wearable device, H.B. Fuller employees and customers are able to resolve advanced manufacturing issues in real time.

Glass Enterprise Edition V2 in the Factory
Glass Enterprise Edition V2 in the Factory

Guy Mascaro | Hodei Technology

Describe key enhancements that can be expected from this new Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

We are excited about integrating the new Glass Enterprise Edition V2 into our suite of real-time telepresence solutions designed for our clients. With greater wi-fi connectivity, new Bluetooth functionality for connecting to an array of devices, enhanced camera and state-of-the-art Android operating system and application programming interface, this version of Glass is destined to bring immense value to users.


How does this impact the advanced manufacturing industry? 

By allowing experts to be virtually omnipresent through Hodei’s telepresence capabilities leveraging Glass, and by providing access to all the necessary troubleshooting materials on a wearable device, H.B. Fuller employees and customers are able to resolve advanced manufacturing issues in real time. This allows the company to make better use of its existing resources, work more safely, and ultimately save time and money. 


What's the relationship between Hodei Technology and H.B. Fuller?

With the support of Hodei Technology, H.B. Fuller was immediately impressed by the simple elegance of Hodei’s wearable solution that could easily adapt to company workflows, while being part of a comprehensive telepresence system. Hodei’s software integrates with Glass to create a complete “plug and play” solution that can be used right out of the box. While other telepresence vendors require complex connections and lengthy implementations, Hodei’s lightweight and simple-to-use software and hardware solution with Glass was exactly what H.B. Fuller needed to overhaul its customer service.


Why was H.B. Fuller looking for a wearable solution like Hodei's?

H.B. Fuller employees were using computers and handheld devices to consult manuals, fix issues, and communicate proper procedures with workers around the country. However, employees are required to wear specialized safety equipment, such as gloves and protective eyewear when handling chemicals and other sensitive materials. This equipment made using handheld devices difficult, and hands-on workers expressed frustration with having to rely on devices that took them out of their flow of work and slowed productivity. The handheld devices also often failed to showcase the level of detail needed to fully troubleshoot an issue, which led to a significant investment of time, money, and human capital. Remote experts sometimes had to be flown in to troubleshoot. Often, this resulted in a 5-hour cross-country flight, leaving the affected machine to sit idle and ultimately costing the company money, time, and resources. H.B. Fuller found that once the expert arrived to fix the machine, the problem could typically be fixed in a matter of minutes.


How does H.B. Fuller leverage this technology to bring value to its manufacturing process?

To adapt to the evolving needs of its employees and customers, the company sought a solution that would help workers navigate complex manufacturing processes across its 71 global locations, while also keeping safety as the company’s top priority. Ultimately, the company decided to try to eliminate handheld devices where possible and instead began to explore wearable options that would allow remote experts to see the issue from wherever they were. Hodei’s solution for Glass enables H.B. Fuller’s employees to focus on the task at hand, rather than technology in their hand. Since implementing the Hodei and Glass telepresence system, H.B. Fuller has improved customer service processes, increased productivity, and cut costs, all while keeping safety at the forefront.


What other services does Hodei Technology offer?

Hodei Technology is focused on developing and commercializing Enterprise and SaaS subscription-based telepresence solutions for remote training, mentoring, and expert support oversight by leveraging Assisted & Augmented Reality technologies in ways that improve the quality of the experience of everyone involved.


Are there other industries that are obvious fits for Glass Enterprise Edition 2? 

Hodei’s unique real-time telepresence solutions are being adopted for use in Human & Animal Healthcare, Manufacturing Operations, OEM Call Center Remote Support, and customer site Repair Service Support.  


Who do I contact if I want more information about Glass Enterprise Edition 2?




About Guy Mascaro
Guy Mascaro, President/CEO: Guy sets the vision and drive behind Hodei Technology. He is a visionary in the field of behavior change methodologies through disruptive innovative approaches. Guy is a veteran of the healthcare system with over 27 years of hospital, pharmaceutical, and healthcare management experience. With an expertise in marketing and training, he has been a successful serial entrepreneur over the last 12 years launching - two successful medical and scientific communications companies and a non-profit standards organization.



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