Bishop-Wisecarver Group Welcomes School and Community Tours During Manufacturing Day 2015

National Event Showcases Benefits of Modern Manufacturing to Younger Generation

Pittsburg, Calif. - September 15, 2015 - Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG), a WBENC-certified, woman-owned family of companies that offer guidance solutions, contract specialty manufacturing and mechatronic-based engineering services, is again taking the lead in Contra Costa County as a host for the national Manufacturing Day 2015 event. Also known as MFG DAY, this annual event is a coordinated effort by North American manufacturers to showcase the potential of modern manufacturing and foster interest in manufacturing careers.

With 80 percent of manufacturers lacking the skilled workers needed in their technologically advanced businesses, MFG DAY is an important opportunity for students, educators, parents and community members, to see what a present-day manufacturing facility looks like and what types of jobs are possible. MFG DAY participants also learn that the manufacturing sector supports more than 17 million jobs in the United States and includes various job functions such as engineers, designers, machinists and computer programmers.

"Hosting Manufacturing Day events at our company is great fun, but it's also imperative to show students and young adults the reality that modern manufacturing is technologically advanced, has a great salary potential and needs employees with skills that range from college-based degrees to technical certifications," said Pamela Kan, president, BWG. "With the average age of current manufacturing employees at 45-65 years old, and with females at only 27 percent of the workforce, there is a great need for manufacturers to find more skilled labor, but also a great opportunity for employees to find a career path that can be interesting, challenging and financially strong."

Last year, BWG was recognized by the California State Assembly as the only manufacturer in Contra Costa County to host an event on MFG DAY. For the 2015 event, BWG is again offering hands-on learning about manufacturing and linear motion through a facility tour, presentation and workshop. With all spots reserved early last year, BWG has more than doubled the number of spaces for this year's event.

"As an engineer working in the linear motion manufacturing sector for the past 10 years, I enjoy talking to people about the positive realities of this industry and the huge potential for long term growth and success," said Brian Burke, product manager at BWG. "People so often think of manufacturing as happening in dark, old factories for workers that don't have many skills, while the opposite is actually true. My days are spent in a high tech facility, working with a talented team of colleagues, solving challenging problems for customers."

Those interested in attending BWG's MFG DAY event can contact Melsha Winchester at 925-431-8261 for more information, or register at

About the Bishop-Wisecarver Group
Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG) is a woman-owned family of WBENC-certified companies that works with manufacturers to engineer, manufacture, and build linear and rotary motion solutions, custom complex assemblies, and optimal embedded intelligence systems. Through the integration of mechanical, electrical, software, control and systems design engineering expertise, 60+ years of experience and 20,000+ unique clients, BWG continues to provide a single point of service that results in custom designs, increased efficiencies and accelerated time to market.

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