Hexagon empowers mould-and-die manufacturers by providing every WORKNC CAM customer with 'manufacturing-aware' CAD

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division has provided all mould and die shops using its WORKNC computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software with immediate access to its powerful model preparation software, integrating production workflows from any computer-aided design (CAD) model format to CAM so they can machine parts more efficiently and avoid costly errors.

Molex Releases Results of Global Survey on 'State of Industry 4.0'

• 51% of those polled have well-defined corporate priorities to enable Industry 4.0 • 49% report major successes while 53% are poised to meet goals within two years • Operational efficiency, manufacturing flexibility and advanced analytics poised to propel customer benefits • Major implementation barriers span cultural, business model and tech challenges

Desktop Metal Acquires Aerosint, Adding Multi-Material Capabilities to Leading Additive Manufacturing 2.0 Technology Portfolio

Multi-Material Printing Unlocks a Range of New Applications for Powder-Based Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Airbnb Lists the Fibonacci House, the First 3D Concrete Printed Tiny House, Printed by TAM

World Housing Fundraiser

PACK EXPO Las Vegas and co-located Healthcare Packaging EXPO to Reunite the Packaging and Processing Industry this September

Strong Industry Commitment Evident in Number of Early Registrations

Roboze Unveils The ARGO 1000: The World's Largest 3D Printer with Heated Chamber for End-Use Parts in Aerospace, Energy, Transportation, MedTech and Automotive Industries

Company leverages high-performing super polymers and composites including PEEK, Carbon PEEK and ULTEM ™ AM9085F to advance large-scale additive manufacturing and global sustainability efforts

Nexa3D Announces Availability of xWASH Smart Affordable and Sustainable Washer

• Faster cycles lower post-processing costs by orders of magnitude • Intelligent process control delivers consistent high-quality parts • Larger 35 liter reservoir accepts full NXE400 3D printer build plate • Works exclusively with xCLEAN sustainable washing detergent • Completes Nexa3D's E2E suite of ultrafast polymer production

New MCU portfolio redefines microcontroller performance, enabling 10 times higher processing capability than existing devices

Engineers can combine processor-level computing with MCU design simplicity for real-time control, analytics and networking applications with TI Sitara™ AM2x MCUs

3D HoloGroup Releases I-SAID™ Technology

3D HoloGroup, the augmented reality (AR) software architecture and systems integration company, has released I-SAID™, an "Interactional Sight Activated Interface Device" technology, for use in the new CommunicatAR and PatientCaAR products.

ExOne Opens State-of-the-Art Metal 3D Printing Adoption Center in Europe, Expands Engineering Support

-A new 270-square-meter metal binder jetting facility and showroom is located in ExOne's European headquarters in Gersthofen, Germany -The center features two Innovent+® printers with a 25Pro™, X1 Metal Designlab™ and X1F™ furnace arriving soon, right next to the production line of the X1 160Pro™, the world's largest metal binder jetting system -The center now offers European manufacturers end-to-end binder jetting adoption services, including benchmarks, design support, and materials, process, and work cell development

Trilogy Plastics adds capacity to support increased business

Trilogy Plastics has added their 12th rotational molding machine to meet continued growing demand.

Ransomware is Rampant: Is Your Manufacturing Business Safe?

While a host of protective measures can limit the risk, outsourcing to an expert third party cybersecurity firm may be the safest option

binder USA Upgrades to Die Cast Manufacturing for Series 712/702 M9 Snap-in Connectors

binder USA's 712 and 702 series M9 circular connectors will now be manufactured using a zinc die casting process. The previous process consisted of a drawn tube pressed into shape. The new method enhances safety and quality features without impacting the way customers use the connectors. The die casting process has been used successfully for many years in the production of binder connector versions with 7 and 8 pins. Die casting is an efficient and cost-effective way to produce a wide variety of component shapes and sizes. Zinc die casting in particular is ideal for products that require high precision, dimensional strength, and superior durability. binder's M9 subminiature circular connectors are used in applications including: camera systems, sensors, and pneumatic control systems.

CRP Technology at MarineAM

CRP Technology will be attending the inaugural edition with an online presentation with Q&A dedicated to the advantages of PBF process and Windform® composite materials for the marine equipment. The speech is set for Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 14:20 BST. The 2 days in-person event will take place in Southampton, UK, 6th - 7th July. CRP Technology's latest release Windform® RS Carbon fiber filled composite material will be introduced

Design for Manufacturing & Design for Assembly With Haizol

For small to medium sized businesses, ensuring the manufacturability of part or product prior to production is key. Haizol, a metal parts manufacturing platform in Shanghai, outline the best practices related to DFM and DFA.

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