MTK Services chooses Nulogy to digitalize its co-pack operations for future business growth

MTK Services chooses Nulogy to digitalize its co-pack operations for future business growth

Nulogy, a leading provider of supply chain collaboration solutions, is excited to announce that MTK Services has joined the Nulogy community, which consists of hundreds of contract packagers, logistics providers, manufacturers, suppliers and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands that run their operations and network on Nulogy.

MTK Services, a Quebec-based contract packager and logistics provider, identified a strategic opportunity to digitalize its co-pack services to better serve customers and fuel future business growth. Based on Nulogy's proven track record in fast-moving consumer goods external supply chains, MTK selected the Shop Floor Solution to expand the digital foundation of its co-pack operation.

"Technology is a key factor in enabling MTK Services to better serve its customer base and provide a solid foundation for the long-term growth of the company," says Mehdi Arfaoui, President, MTK Services. "We are excited to be working with Nulogy to digitalize our production operations for greater co-pack volume and stronger results, while offering premier customer service."

"MTK's decision to join the Nulogy community speaks to their forward thinking mindset in the external manufacturing industry," says Jason Tham, CEO and co-founder of Nulogy. "We are proud to deliver technologies that can not only create value for our customer community, but also enable more robust and sustainable supply chain operations."

MTK Services aims to establish itself in the packaging and logistics industry by leveraging its extensive industry experience to provide innovative and customized solutions. The company is committed to seeking advanced technology that will help them effectively meet the diverse and evolving needs of clients.

Another cornerstone of MTK Services is its culture of diversity, where differences are embraced and celebrated to cultivate an environment where every individual and team member can thrive, contributing to collective success.

Nulogy's Multi-Enterprise Platform

Nulogy is the only purpose-built multi-enterprise collaboration platform for supplier networks and digitally enables manufacturers and their external supplier networks to collaborate seamlessly on a centralized, data-driven, AI-enabled platform. Nulogy's solutions run within the supply networks of global FMCG leaders such as L'Oréal, Colgate-Palmolive, and Church & Dwight, as well as hundreds of supplier sites around the world.

Nulogy is also the global leader in co-pack software, field-proven in hundreds of sites worldwide. Nulogy's platform provides purpose-built functionality for digitizing and optimizing the end-to-end contract packaging workflow, enabling co-pack providers to increase efficiency, improve profit margins, and drive growth.

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Supply Chain Management by Elisa IndustrIQ

Supply Chain Management by Elisa IndustrIQ

Elisa IndustrIQ's Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution is designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness throughout the entire supply chain. This advanced solution focuses on improving flexibility and responsiveness in both planning and operation execution, crucial for adapting to rapidly evolving markets. Our solution facilitates business growth by offering end-to-end visibility, essential for efficiently managing and streamlining supply chains. Key features include AI-powered demand forecasting, automated quoting and purchasing, intelligent replanning capabilities, structured collaboration tools, and direct supplier integration. These features can be tailored to align with your business and financial objectives, adding a strategic dimension to sales and operations planning and execution. The solution is designed to meet the manufacturing industry's needs for speed, resilience, and efficiency, primarily through innovative approaches to reduce business friction.