Russelectric, A Siemens Business, Highlights System Control Upgrades for Critical Power Equipment

Enhance Performance, Extend Life, and Increase Capabilities

Hingham, MA - Russelectric, A Siemens Business, a leading manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, highlights its system control upgrades for critical power equipment for enhanced reliability, operational control, and ease-of-maintenance. These upgrades are a cost-effective alternative to equipment replacement. By upgrading, customers can experience improved performance and capabilities, updated systems with the latest technology, and a prolonged lifespan for their mission-critical equipment.

Additionally, maintenance requirements are decreased, and serviceability is improved. Russelectric Field Engineers conduct these upgrades, ensuring professional and efficient service. All work is backed by the Russelectric warranty, providing customers with added assurance. These upgrades are completed in a fraction of the time compared to full equipment replacement, offering customers swift improvements without prolonged downtime.

ATS Upgrades
Russelectric offers upgrades to automatic transfer switch/bypass isolation switch control systems during a scheduled shutdown to enhance switch operating accuracy and functionality. Control, monitoring, and communication protocols are upgraded to eliminate concerns about legacy component availability.

Operator Interface Technology and Communications
Upgrade to the latest operator interface technology and communications equipment to significantly enhance system monitoring capabilities. Russelectric will provide detailed information on the current system status through a dynamic one-line graphical interface, along with complete alarm and event history for a quick problem response. In addition, optional TJC (The Joint Commission) reporting and optional remote system access are offered by Russelectric.

PLC Upgrades
Many existing systems utilize legacy or soon-to-be obsolete PLC architecture. Russelectric will upgrade control systems to the latest technology with minimal program changes to improve performance and accommodate advanced communications. Most upgrades can be completed without interrupting critical loads or operational changes, with drop-in replacements available.

Breaker Upgrade Solutions
Russelectric will replace obsolete/unsupported vintage power breakers and accessories with new OEM-supplied replacements adapted for form, fit, and function to improve overcurrent selectivity. Updating circuit breakers enables the utilization of new options and accessories such as arc reduction modes and Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI), while eliminating concerns about parts availability for circuit breaker repairs. Upgrades are available for various circuit breaker manufacturers.

For more information visit Field Services & Aftermarket - Siemens USA.

About Russelectric
Founded in 1955, Russelectric®, A Siemens Business, provides high-integrity power control solutions for mission critical applications in the healthcare, information technology, telecommunication, water treatment, and renewable energy markets. The company maintains vertically-integrated manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts and Oklahoma, where it designs and builds a full line of automatic transfer switches, switchgear, and controls. Russelectric products carry the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry and are backed by a team of expert factory-direct field service engineers. To learn more about Russelectric products and the company's commitment to customer satisfaction, visit, call (781) 749-6000, or email

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