Augury Bringing Together Industry Leaders for Event Defining Manufacturing’s Future Driven by Next-Generation Production Health

Join leading manufacturers, technology providers, and industry analysts as they unveil major advancements in the application of AI for full production optimization

Augury, a leading provider of industrial AI solutions that improve machine health and process health, today announced that registration is now open for ‘Beyond the Line,' a free virtual event on June 18 at 11 am EST that will define the future of manufacturing. In addition to a lineup of influential industry analysts and technologists, attendees will receive best practices, market insights, and a look at the developing technologies and partnerships poised to unlock new levels of efficiency for manufacturers everywhere.

Beyond the Line is the first and only event laying out an actionable blueprint on how to leverage next-generation predictive maintenance, next-level process optimization, and new ways of working with industry partners to create a Production Health plan that can unlock new capabilities and push manufacturers to the forefront of the industry. Attendees will also receive exclusive first looks at the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and AI-powered technologies right around the corner that will redefine industry standards and future-proof operations.

"Industrial leaders are investing heavily in their teams, suppliers, equipment, and processes, yet they are struggling to unlock the full potential of their operations as productivity curves trend downward and skilled talent is harder to find," said Saar Yoskovitz, CEO of Augury. "One thing is clear: a new approach is needed. We are at the cusp of a new era of productivity, driven by breakthrough AI-powered technology, next-gen interfaces, and new collaboration methods, which will be key to meeting all industry challenges and upend how manufacturers measure success, from bottom lines to frontlines."

Event Talk Tracks

To showcase what is possible beyond the line, sessions will be organized around the following topics:

How a Production Health blueprint will realize unprecedented efficiency - from downtime to capacity to sustainability - and finally give you control of your operations
How Augury's industry-leading Machine Health is expanding and evolving to provide increased coverage, resilience, and insights
How Process Health is enabling next-level process optimization and real-time, "turn-by-turn" navigation directly on the production floor
How the fusion of AI insights from machines and processes and a robust industry ecosystem will create new ways of working across your organization
As a partner to some of the world's leading manufacturers, Augury's event will also showcase first-hand success stories from customers leading the way in transforming their operations with a Production Health plan.

Technology First Looks

Augury is committed to continuously bringing new technologies to its customers and partners. By introducing a next-gen sensing platform, leveraging the world's largest machine health database, and applying innovative edge-AI we are opening the doors to new use cases and coverage. With this launch, Augury is bringing the ability to run the same level of neural-network-based diagnostics from the cloud to the sensor.

At the same time, by applying Generative AI to their machine health database, Augury's AI is learning more from customers and reliability professionals to improve the accuracy of prescriptive insights, enabling the AI to perform with CAT II-III vibration analyst expertise, supported and managed by trusted large language models. Machine Health algorithms can now understand site-specific operating and maintenance practices, enabling tailored insights for specific machines, sites, and users that can be built and deployed quickly.

For Augury's Process Health solution, reinforcement learning algorithms deliver new process navigation capabilities in real time. AI agents and simulation capabilities now enable already highly sophisticated and accurate process data models to become real-time learning and predicting engines, continually adapting to changes in the process itself, responding to input variations, and reacting to operator actions for higher-performing processes.

For more information about ‘Beyond the Line' and to join the next era of efficiency made possible by Production Health, register at

About Augury:

A leader in Machine Health and Process Health solutions, Augury uses purpose-built AI technology, trained by industry experts and the world's largest data library, to help manufacturing and industrial companies eliminate production downtime, improve process efficiency, maximize yield, and reduce waste and emissions. Our global customers achieve 3-10x ROI, often in a matter of months. Together with our customers, we are pioneering Production Health to build a world where the combined work of people and machines makes life better in every way.

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