AtomTech Receives Universal Robots System Integrator Certification

Robot integration will be used to boost the company's Novi, Michigan training facility

AtomTech™, a leading controls and SCADA integration solutions provider, has been certified as a Universal Robots System Integrator. In receiving this certification, AtomTech both joins the network of Universal Robots (UR) - the award-winning automation and robotics company spearheading cobot innovation - and initiates the next phase in its training capabilities.

Certified System Integrators (CSIs) are a vital part of the UR ecosystem. Often serving as the field operators testing UR's products in real-world environments, CSIs manage the installation of the cobots and their interface into existing manufacturing and production processes. In its role as a CSI, AtomTech plans to integrate UR's robots into its Novi facility, which the company has designed to replicate an authentic industrial environment in order to provide hands-on skill development and workforce preparedness for industrial professionals.

AtomTech will utilize the newly established UR agreement to introduce inline inspection solutions in response to client demands. This move aligns with AtomTech's ongoing commitment to delivering specialized engineering solutions tailored for small to intermediate-sized manufacturing enterprises.

"Receiving UR's CSI certification enhances our ability to train the current and next generation of industry experts," said President of AtomTech, Shawn Gutierrez. "We can now partner with UR's cutting-edge team to best utilize their robots and other products in our facility, which also helps us to further advise our clients on how to incorporate these technologies into their own operations."

Achieving UR CSI status follows a period of tremendous growth for AtomTech. In addition to expanding its team and engineering expertise, the company has continued to widen its international reach with services across North America, the UK, and will soon launch a presence in South America.

About AtomTech

AtomTech ( is a leading controls and SCADA integration company. AtomTech's services and numerous specialty solutions provided in controls hardware and software designs for Battery Manufacturing, General Assembly, Body In White, Material Handling, Order Fulfillment, Custom Middleware, and other applications using both legacy and new technologies.

We have implemented systems integrating multiple robotic platforms, data tracking, machine diagnostics, motion control, pneumatics and plant networking, and other specialty communications services to the world's leading companies.

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