Stryten Energy Launches New Line of Lithium Batteries at MODEX 2024

The M-Series Li600 available in Class I, II and III is the latest addition to Stryten Energy’s portfolio of motive power battery solutions.

Stryten Energy LLC, a U.S.-based energy storage solutions provider, will launch the M-Series Li600, a new line of Class I, II and III lithium batteries, at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta.

Li600 batteries, the latest addition to Stryten Energy's extensive motive power offerings, are available in Class I, II and III, in a full range of voltages with optional cold storage capability down to -40 C. The Li600 for Class III features an onboard charger option. The full line of Li600 batteries is compatible with the M-Series X-3 and X-7 chargers.
Visitors to Stryten Energy's Booth #B1813 will see:

Lithium and Advanced Lead Batteries:
-New M-Series Li600 Class I, II and III Lithium Solutions:
-The Li600 is based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry. This chemistry has a longer calendar life and a longer cycle life than other lithium chemistries. It is a cost-competitive option, comprised of readily available materials, and is one of the safest lithium technologies.
-Key features include fully configurable CANbus protocol, remote monitoring capable, comprehensive diagnostics via a color touch screen and auto hibernation/sleep mode after a period of inactivity to prevent unintended discharge. The M-Series Li600 products are designed to meet UL2580, and UL certification is in process.
- M-Series T310 Lead Solution: The T310 low maintenance tubular offers the best level of power, performance, cost and reduced maintenance for medium to heavy duty lift truck applications. Stryten Energy's round tube design is more efficient and delivers longer run times than competitive square tube designs.

Opportunity and Fast Charging Solution:
- The M-Series X-7 4-bay charger delivers 30kW of power while handling lead and lithium battery types, and can be configured for standard, opportunity or fast charging. Its modular design offers flexibility, reduced operating costs and accelerated charging times to meet the demands of the toughest fleets.

Energy Performance Management Software:
- Stryten Energy inCOMMAND™ is an energy performance management software tool that makes it easy to design and deploy web-connected battery and charger solutions. inCOMMAND allows dealers and end users to monitor and manage their batteries and chargers right from their computers. A demo of inCOMMAND will be available at the booth.

"At Stryten Energy, we understand the dynamic needs of today's material handling industry," said Matt Gould, Vice President of Industrial Sales and Service at Stryten Energy. "With the addition of the M-Series Li600 line, we are a "one-stop-shop" to serve our customers' needs with a complete portfolio of battery technologies."

Stryten Energy also provides comprehensive, nationwide motive power services that ensure fleets operate at full capacity at all times. The Li600 line is field serviceable by Stryten Energy's service network strategically located across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Trained stored energy experts provide planned maintenance, repair services, predictive service, installations, de-installation, recycling, application audits, power studies, training, and inspections.

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Stryten Energy helps solve the world's most pressing energy challenges with a broad range of energy storage solutions across the Essential Power, Motive Power, Transportation, Military and Government sectors. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, we partner with some of the world's most recognized companies to meet the growing demand for reliable and sustainable energy storage capacity. Stryten powers everything from submarines to subcompacts, microgrids, warehouses, distribution centers, cars, trains and trucks. Our stored energy technologies include advanced lead, lithium and vanadium redox flow batteries, intelligent chargers and energy performance management software that keep people on the move and supply chains running. An industry leader backed by more than a century of expertise, Stryten has The Energy to Challenge the status quo and deliver top-performing energy solutions for today and tomorrow. Learn more at

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