XYZprinting Highlights the Future of 3D Printing at Formnext 2022

As a major milestone towards this vision, the company's OPFCS solutions on display at Formnext — such as MfgPro236 xS — offer the flexibility to use mostly recycled materials and from any supplier.

XYZprinting, a leader in additive manufacturing and 3D printing solutions, is showcasing its latest devices with Open Platform Fast Cycle Sintering (OPFCS) at Formnext 2022 (November 15-18). The company envisions a future of open-platform-based selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing solutions that can both utilize powder from any material supplier and reuse end-of-life powder, thereby maximizing materials compatibility while greatly decreasing waste. As a major milestone towards this vision, the company's OPFCS solutions on display at Formnext — such as MfgPro236 xS — offer the flexibility to use mostly recycled materials and from any supplier.

"While XYZprinting is known for offering the most competitive and balanced SLS solutions, this new capability to reuse end-of-life powder originally produced by any supplier makes us leaders in cost effectiveness in addition to energy efficiency," remarked Fernando Hernandez, EMEA Managing Director of XYZprinting.

On top of reducing waste and expanding compatibility, the bigger build volume of MfgPro236 xS is ideal for expanding capacity for expedited jobs. It offers top speeds — up to 22 mm per hour, a 22-hour cycle, and only 2 hours for cooling — enabling it to rapidly print parts while maintaining high precision and quality.

Sustainability in 3D printing

Formnext 2022 is happening against the backdrop of a growing worldwide focus on protecting the environment, and XYZprinting particularly embraces sustainability in the form of enhancing product energy efficiency through enhanced size and speed. In addition, its open platform systems uphold the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Specifically, SLS 3D printers offer numerous manufacturing advantages, but a common drawback is waste: service bureaus with high capacity typically face major disposal costs. XYZprinting solves this firstly by providing high-performance systems with bigger build volumes for less waste. Secondly, its open platform systems enable manufacturers to use recycled powder along with 20-30% fresh powder and to re-utilize powder from any supplier.

The da Vinci Pro EVO-evolutional desktop 3D printer

Also on display at Formnext 2022, XYZprinting's newly launched da Vinci Pro EVO 3D printer is a step forward from the popular veteran da Vinci Pro and the next evolution in desktop 3D printing. It delivers superb performance and print quality, and it can be used with over ten different types of materials, included TPU, PC, Nylon, and Carbon Fiber, making it perfect for a wide range of professional applications.

A growing demand for SLS

With higher energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, increasingly more European SMEs are choosing XYZprinting SLS systems to drive their manufacturing. Recently, H&U Scheffler GmbH, a German manufacturer of high-quality glasses and sunglasses, began successfully leveraging one of XYZprinting's highly scalable solutions to transition from outsourcing to in-house printing, a move that cut production costs and time while expanding flexibility. In another industry, TEKEVER, a leading drone-based maritime surveillance provider in Europe, started utilizing a MfgPro230 xS 3D printer to effectively print top-quality drone parts that meet the company's exacting standards for strength, impact resistance, and rigidity.

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