Oregon’s First-of-Its-Kind, Industry-Recognized Youth Apprenticeship Program Kicks Off in Hillsboro

The Hillsboro Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship was created by Hillsboro School District in partnership with the City of Hillsboro and industry partners, including Intel, Jireh Semiconductor and Tosoh Quartz–

Hillsboro, Ore. (August 29, 2022) - Hillsboro School District, in partnership with the City of Hillsboro and local business partners, has launched the Hillsboro Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship, Oregon's first-of-its-kind, industry-recognized youth apprenticeship program. This innovative two-year program, which received approval from Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries' (BOLI) Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council in June 2022, provides a unique and equitable pathway for high-school students to receive hands-on, paid training that prepares them for a career in advanced manufacturing.

There is currently a workforce shortage for advanced manufacturing, both in Washington County and across Oregon. In Hillsboro, where one out of every four jobs is in manufacturing, there are approximately 800 job openings in the advanced manufacturing sector, primarily at the technician level. Jobs in advanced manufacturing are projected to grow by 7% between 2021 and 2026, adding 2,470 new jobs in Washington County.

"The Hillsboro Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship program positions Oregon as a leader in the development, modernization and diversification of registered youth apprenticeships, and we're grateful to Hillsboro School District, the City of Hillsboro, and their industry partners for their vision and commitment," said Oregon Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle. "The program has been designed to be replicated in schools across the state of Oregon, not just for advanced manufacturing but also other industries like health care and construction, and we look forward to seeing its positive impact on students and industries for years to come."

"This youth apprenticeship program is an amazing opportunity for teens to get real-life, hands-on, paid experience as they explore their future career options, and we couldn't be prouder to launch it in our school district," said Travis Reiman, assistant superintendent at Hillsboro School District. "Thanks to the terrific alliance between the Hillsboro School District, the City of Hillsboro and our corporate partners, our students have a new and groundbreaking way to be career-ready in the fastest-growing field."

The program's first cohort includes six Century High School juniors, who are participating in the school's Industrial and Engineering Systems Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. The youth apprentices will begin their work with two Hillsboro-based companies, Jireh Semiconductor and Tosoh Quartz, on September 6.

As apprentices, students are employed by the partner company and have the unique opportunity to learn on the manufacturing floor. Upon successful completion of the program, they will receive accreditation from BOLI and will become certified to work anywhere as a manufacturing technician. Nationally, apprentices earn on average $300,000 more over the span of their careers than non-apprentices.

Additionally, the Hillsboro Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship is committed to including those traditionally underrepresented in the tech industry, including women, students of color, low-income students and students with disabilities.

"From the classroom to the manufacturing floor, this program offers an integrated solution to the increasing workforce shortage," said City of Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway. "This innovative approach to workforce development not only increases access to vital jobs for our youth, but also helps create a diverse pipeline of talent for our growing advanced manufacturing sector."

Located in the heart of the Silicon Forest, Hillsboro is home to many of Oregon's largest and most vital advanced manufacturing companies. The apprenticeship program leverages existing partnerships between the Hillsboro School District, the City of Hillsboro and these companies, including Jireh Semiconductor, Qorvo, Tosoh Quartz and Intel, which have supported the program through capacity-building and communications.

"Guided by our 2030 RISE goals, Intel is committed to helping build an increasingly inclusive community of innovators prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. The Hillsboro Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship is an amazing way to help Hillsboro teens see new horizons and gain invaluable skills for a future in tech," said Courtney Martin, Oregon public affairs director at Intel.

"We're thrilled to be part of the inaugural Hillsboro Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship cohort and to welcome these teens to our team," said Kathy Bishop, human resources director at Jireh Semiconductor. "These students have already shown themselves to be smart, curious and motivated, and we're excited to introduce them into our fab and show them the possibilities of a career in advanced manufacturing."

"The future is happening here in Hillsboro, and we are always looking to develop a qualified workforce to help us to continue moving forward," said Chris Carlson, human resources manager at Tosoh Quartz. "This program will create an important, direct pathway from schools to manufacturing, and we're excited to be a part of it."

About Hillsboro School District
The Hillsboro School District is the fourth-largest in the state of Oregon, with 36 schools serving nearly 20,000 students from preschool through twelfth grade. We have a skilled, caring, and dedicated staff who are committed to supporting each student's academic and personal growth in safe and inclusive environments, and strong community partnerships that allow us to provide unique opportunities to our students as they move through our system and prepare for life after high school. Learn more at hsd.k12.or.us.

About the City of Hillsboro
Oregon's fifth-largest city, Hillsboro is helping to grow Oregon's future—from microprocessors to vital industries, centers of commerce and green spaces. Hillsboro is a well-planned, affordable hometown with a strong economic base and one of the state's most diverse populations. It is the high-tech corridor for the state and home to a broad range of businesses, large and small, including one of Oregon's largest employers, Intel. Learn more at Hillsboro-Oregon.gov.

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