Gocious Launches First-Ever Product Roadmap Management Solution for Durable Goods Manufacturers

New data suggests manufacturers want to better align their product strategy with their business goals

Gocious, the cloud-based SaaS solution for strategic product planning; today unveiled its Product Roadmap Management (PRM) solution that focuses on the unique needs of the durable goods manufacturing industry. Gocious PRM will help meet customer and market needs more efficiently via an improved and easy-to-use Executive Dashboard.

Lack of strategic planning and roadmaps frequently results in more expensive projects, which can undermine an organization's vision by upending sales targets and overall business goals. In a recent survey conducted by Gocious, 58% of manufacturers said they wanted to better align their product strategy with their business goals. To help teams achieve this, Gocious' industry-first, PRM solution will facilitate product collaboration and ensure product managers can keep a product relevant as it goes into execution.

The new Gocious PRM Executive Dashboard includes a product and financial roadmap, helps teams configure their product line to reflect how it meets the needs of specific markets and customers, captures the dependencies of a product against features, modules and market division, and helps teams remain agile, automatically alerting them if plans are delayed.

Teams can build a more realistic plan that satisfies consumer expectations with the help of a well-thought-out product strategy related to the wider company objectives. In the same Gocious survey, 48% of respondents said that senior leadership helps outline priorities when deciding what strategic items get worked on. With a multi-faceted approach to understanding how products relate to the greater business, leadership's collaboration with the product team is vital to generating the most impact.

Gocious PRM enables a holistic view of an entire product team's scope, allowing them to respond faster, and provide better issue resolutions under a single source of truth that ensures product and organizational goals are aligned.

"With an entire organization's data in one place, Gocious brings together a solution for durable goods manufacturers that offers a more streamlined strategy review process, align teams under a single source of truth, and break down stubborn data silos," said Maziar Adl, CTO, and Co-Founder of Gocious. "Our new rollout includes an Executive Dashboard for product management, giving decision makers all the information needed at their fingertips. Whether it's planning your strategic roadmap for a quarterly product board meeting or preparing to go to market, Gocious PRM helps organize a strategic plan in visual ways that increases the quality of information circulating within an organization."

The Gocious PRM solution will help products and teams focus on customer and business needs rather than upkeeping documents, allowing increased efficiency and focus within an organization. Gocious PRM complements existing project management tools, enterprise resource plans, product engineering tools, and quoting systems. For more information, visit www.gocious.com

About Gocious:
Gocious offers a Product Roadmap Management (PRM) system for durable goods manufacturers; a cloud-based SaaS solution for strategic product planning. A tool for product managers to help drive their strategic planning process from a single source of truth, Gocious helps manufacturers visualize their whole product portfolio and strategic plan into a product management executive dashboard, tracking both updates and linking financial performance data. Gocious PRM enables product teams to see how their entire product portfolio helps to deliver on overall business goals.

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