RapidDirect Announces New Instant Quote Platform, Radically Driving Transformation in Prototype Manufacturing

This cutting-edge technology deployed at www.app.rapiddirect.com is one of the first-ever to offer instant quotes for several prototyping services. The instant quote platform works by analyzing design data upon the upload of CAD files.

RapidDirect, a leading rapid prototyping company in China, today launched its new online instant quote platform for rapid prototypes. This cutting-edge technology deployed at www.app.rapiddirect.com is one of the first-ever to offer instant quotes for several prototyping services. The instant quote platform works by analyzing design data upon the upload of CAD files. It then automatically generates a quotation upon which customers can place orders and confirm the details of the offers to receive rapid prototypes. With RapidDirect's instant quoting engine, manufacturing companies can now receive quotes any time, any day.

Due to the current manufacturing trend, RapidDirect brought forth the launch of the new instant quote platform to allow customers to have complete access to their prototyping services. It is not enough to have an idea of what a component's design should look like. Turning such an idea into reality is the goal of every designer. This is where prototyping comes in. It offers the opportunity to bring that idea to life. However, the prototyping industry is marked with several pain points.

"We understand that there is currently a big gap in the rapid manufacturing space in terms of quotes. The need to shorten the product development cycle and reduce investment risks while saving costs continues to increase by the day," says Leon Huang, CEO of RapidDirect . He continues, "The rapid prototyping industry is also marked by a cumbersome quotation process. Prototyping customers find it difficult to get price quotes of multiple manufacturers in a short period for price comparison. Our new online quoting system aims at bridging the gap between physical and digital production systems."

The Instant Quote Platform Shaping the Future of Prototyping

The industry 4.0 trend introduces technologies that bridge the gap between physical and digital production systems. These technologies include big data, cloud computing, the internet of things (IoT), and several others. Applications of these technologies accelerate the evolution of traditional manufacturing.

These technologies enable manufacturers to offer customers experiences that are far better than before. Aside from this, the technologies ensure smooth and integrated production with competitive expenses. They help manufacturers realize even more efficient operations.

Online manufacturing platforms sprout with new technologies and bring new features that aim at tackling:

Efficiency issues
Pricing and lead times problems
Lack of transparency in manufacturing processes
Integrated supply chain management is one of the new features of advanced technology. It helps to facilitate cordial business relationships between suppliers, manufacturers, and designers. Others include SaaS order management, cloud computing, computerized manufacturing, and more.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in the industry is the advent of the instant quote system. Getting quotes is the most critical pain point in the manufacturing industry. RapidDirect has now taken the leap, launching big data-driven instant quote that shortens the preparation stage from days to within a minute. Here, designers can easily upload their design files and choose from the manufacturing options available.

RapidDirect's new quoting system allows users to receive immediate real-time pricing information, materials, and finish options to finish their orders. This new platform was launched to assist in the streamlining of the company's operations. This allows users to order various parts more quickly while engineers have more time for other manufacturing projects.

There will be no more headaches trying to keep track of quotes. Automated quoting platforms are convenient and easy to use, enabling users to manage traditional suppliers without friction. RapidDirect offers a quoting system that allows clients to download, manage, and edit all their quotes in one place. With rapid quotes, users can see lead times and bulk prices upfront. Also, there is an instant and easy comparison of prices across materials and technologies. Therefore, design decisions can be made a lot faster.

Aside from that, manufacturing clients can also place orders and the production of parts online without logging on to multiple tracking platforms. RapidDirect's instant quote platform integrates automated DfM feedback into the workflow from the first day to offer reliable solutions. This way, users can easily make adjustments at any point in your order. Users also have access to automated email notifications of every stage of part production till delivery.

Confidentiality is an important aspect of the design process. RapidDirect stores your 3D models and designs on a backed-up server which is only accessible to project teams and management.

Exploring the Instant Quote Experience

RapidDirect's instant quote system shortens turnaround times, boosts efficiency, and saves costs. Through few clicks, designers can easily order prototypes and low-volume production runs at competitive prices. Let's take a brief look at how the instant quote platform at RapidDirect works.

The instant quotation page allows users to start by selecting the service they need. There are four major services available, namely CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding, and 3D printing. Users can then upload CAD files by dragging them into the upload box or click on the box to select files from their systems.

RapidDirect's instant quote platform also enables users to specify all the requirements for parts, ranging from materials to surface finish, quantity, and other flexible options. This platform also allows a quick look at the uploaded files. For CNC machining service, an online DfM analysis checks if designs have a deep radius or hole, internal corner, thin wall, and narrow areas, and more. Automated DfM analysis ensures better production design, higher quality products, and faster turnaround time.

With this instant quote, there is no more back-and-forth file exchanging process. By ditching the hundreds of email chains and countless attachments, users can be sure of significantly lesser lead times for any manufacturing process. Such a digital environment allows designers and engineers to focus on the product itself.

Certification for Quality Management Systems

RapidDirect is a top provider of rapid prototyping services for clients in various industries, ranging from aerospace to automotive, medical, and consumer goods. The team of prototyping specialists and engineers at RapidDirect works to help customers bring their ideas into reality. Furthermore, they specialize in assisting customers to overcome hurdles to bring their products to market.

RapidDirect is ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning that the company provides a top-notch management system. This helps to ensure that products and services meet customers' and regulatory requirements. Every one of the company's operations is standardized towards complying with the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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