Zmorph Releases an Industrial-Grade 3D Printer – i500

Zmorph adds a new product in their portfolio, an industrial 3D printer known as the Zmorph i500

European manufacturer of multitool 3D printers Zmorph, which released the Zmorph Fab in December 2020, announces the launch of a new economical printer to address a major need in the industrial market.

Zmorph pivoted last year to focus on creating a high-performing 3D printer for that space, culminating in the premiere of the i500. The new 3D printer answers the most common problems facing the industry and features a lot of practical solutions within a reasonable price tag — starting at $7,499 USD.

"With the Zmorph i500, we are ready to compete with professional segment market leaders. Zmorph i500 is an easy to operate and maintain, modern, large-format 3D printer designed to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding industry users," said Mark Klos, Chief Sales Officer at Zmorph."i500 was carefully developed with the valuable hints and opinions of our customers and distributors network — It's built like a tank: A hassle-free, innovative ‘hammer' made for effectiveness and 24/7 operation delivered at a very competitive price."

Zmorph i500 is designed for cost-effective and low-volume production, custom tooling, and rapid prototyping. It's a reliable, high-performance 3D printer with a big working area ideal for manufacturing and engineering. Zmorph i500 is a perfect addition to the automotive, R&D, aerospace, production and military industries and others looking for a 3D printing solution at this price point..

The machine features a large printing volume of 500 x 460 x 300 mm, which allows it to print multiple parts at once or create big models, maximizing productivity. The Dual Drive, Dual Extruder featuring Nozzle Lifting System works with various sensors to deliver repeatable, high-quality results.

Zmorph i500 is easy to use. Starting with an ergonomic touch panel with user-friendly UI to Filament Flow System, the operator simply starts the project and waits for the results. The machine sensors monitor if the material runs smoothly and if there are any obstacles.

To maximize uptime and throughput, Zmorph i500 features Distributed Control System, which makes service much easier and faster by creating easy access to each subassembly, while also maximizing the uptime of the machine. Zmorph i500 High-Performance 3D Printer is also available through resellers worldwide.

Zmorph i500 was developed with safety in mind. Features such as an electric door lock preventing unauthorized access during work, the Air Flow System which filters the air coming out of the machine from fumes and particles, and even a removable Wi-Fi module, make the i500 ready to work in an industrial environment without extra safety measures.

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