TDM Systems provides digital power for small manufacturers

TDM Systems launches TDM Cloud Essentials — developed especially for small companies

TDM Systems, a leading software provider for managing tool data in the metal cutting industry, and member of the Sandvik Group, is launching its TDM Cloud Essentials software solution. The new software is a cloud-based tool management system developed specifically for small companies, which have previously struggled to make digital tool management possible.

In today's manufacturing environment, even small companies — particularly those looking to grow — experience the disadvantages of inefficient tool management, such as having no overview, growing tooling costs, escalating crib inventories, long setup times and quality issues.
But, until now, entering the world of digital tool management has been difficult. Having access to the correct IT resources, investing time to implement new software and retraining employees can be costly and many smaller businesses struggle to justify the investment.
TDM Cloud Essentials does not require project management or IT installation, making it simpler to use than most cloud solutions. It offers enormous potential for optimization — particularly for companies with small to medium-sized production facilities. Using the cloud-based software, production facilities can gain an overview of their tools and further advance digitalization on the shop floor.
Its fast and uncomplicated use is just one of the benefits of TDM Cloud Essentials. The software's pricing structure is also tailored to the needs of small-scale production, because TDM Cloud Essentials is offered as software as a service (SaaS).
Users operate the software with a time-based subscription, and the monthly fees cover all IT services such as updates and data backup. If a business and its requirements grow, new subscriptions can be added easily. As a result, companies can remain agile and competitive while they are expanding.
Furthermore, the effort required to import relevant data to the system is minimal. On the one hand, this is because the focus lies on only recording essential data with a direct benefit for tool management. In addition, TDM Systems offers convenient options for data import. This includes free of charge access to the TDM WebCatalog, which hosts more than 250,000 data records from leading manufacturers. As a result, users can create a foundation for data export into a CAM system at a later stage.
"The TDM Cloud Essentials solution clears the way for smaller companies, creates transparency and bundles the know-how of employees," explains Daniel Friedrich, solution owner at TDM Systems. "When developing the TDM Cloud Essentials, we spent time analyzing the daily challenges of tool management, particularly in small companies.
"The new tool management solution was then implemented with these insights in mind, making sure that our software solution met the specific needs of smaller organizations who have previously struggled to implement digital technologies. With TDM Cloud Essentials, companies will gain an overview of their tools that will make them more agile and competitive."
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