Replique revolutionizes the aftermarket with decentralized on-demand manufacturing

• The secure end-to-end solution enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to move to on-demand 3D printing of spare parts. • Using the digital inventory platform of Replique, OEMs save costs, gain flexibility, and achieve top line growth with new revenue streams. • The unique service model draws on the expertise of BASF in 3D printing technologies, material and digitalization.

Mannheim, Germany - April 04, 2021. Replique, a Mannheim based venture of BASF Chemovator, is building the first industrial, fully encrypted 3D printing platform for digital warehousing, on-demand manufacturing and fulfilment. The global market for spare parts is worth more than 500 billion USD and enables revenue potentials with significantly higher margins compared to the sale of new services[1]. However, especially after end of production, it is very costly to manufacture, warehouse and distribute spare parts to end-consumers worldwide. Therefore, OEMs are obliged to engage multiple external partners. With the launch of Replique, OEMs now benefit from a single point of contact, with expertise that comprises the complete end-to-end process. Moreover, their intellectual property (IP) - primarily the valuable designs of their original parts - is secured as Replique encrypts all data sets on the digital inventory platform. Immediate clear benefits for OEMs are huge total cost savings and growth opportunities in the aftermarket, almost unlimited global availability of their spares and accessories, rapid local delivery and thus higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Replique solves OEM's challenges in the aftermarket
"In our interviews with over 50 OEMs across all industries, we identified that 66 percent of the OEM spare parts in storage are for appliances no longer in production. Difficulties in demand planning, huge warehouses, as well as high minimum order quantities lead to costly processes in aftermarket management," explains Dr. Max Siebert, Co-Founder of Replique. "We know that after serial production ends, with traditional remanufacturing and distribution the cost of a spare part increases by up to 20 times. Moreover, it negatively influences the customer experience as delivery times are long."
To solve these challenges, the team of Replique offers an integrated platform, that combines the secure storage of designs, as well as the on-demand and decentral manufacturing and distribution of parts. Instead of physically storing parts in a warehouse, part designs are now digitally stored in Replique's digital inventory and monetized by manufacturing them on-demand and close to the end location. For industrial production Replique uses their global network of quality-approved industrial manufacturing service bureaus. With this solution, OEMs are reducing their total costs of ownership while increasing flexibility. Moreover, they can provide better aftermarket services to their customers, with parts always being available, even at the end of the product lifecycle. Thus, gaining competitive advantages.
A secure 3D printing platform with end-to-end encryption
One of the biggest challenges that Replique solves - and that is often the reason of OEMs for not being part of such a platform - is the secure storage and distribution of the OEM designs. This is the only way for OEMs to retain control over IP distribution and quality of their parts. "Our end-to-end encryption of the OEM design ensures it is far better protected throughout the value chain compared to the complex, often untransparent manufacturing processes of the past.", confirms Siebert. "Further, we enforce strict 3D printing and process parameters for the service bureaus and track them in order to ensure that all parts are printed in the requested quantity and the original OEM quality."
Excellent 3D printing services using the power of BASF
With decades of experience in additive manufacturing (AM), BASF offers unequalled expertise in prototyping, digital design optimization, and sector-specific AM applications for industrial parts. "Replique transforms the substantial expertise of BASF in AM material and digital design optimization into a highly efficient commercial platform. By providing secure digital storage, manufacturing and fulfilment we couple this with a 21st century service model that adds direct value for OEMs." says Siebert.
Backed by BASF knowledge in design optimization, Replique offers services to identify 3D printable parts and convert them into the right digital format. Replique rapidly optimizes native 3D printable designs to ensure both the commercial viability and the long-term performance integrity of the final printed part. The experts of Replique also support OEMs in selecting the optimal AM materials, technologies, and printers.
Minimal disruption of OEM processes with full integration
Offering an end-to-end solution, Replique keeps it simple for OEMs. External or internal ordering channels can be connected to the digital inventory without further effort. Moreover, Replique executes the whole fulfillment process, reducing the total effort of OEMs to a minimum. With Replique OEMs can now manage transactions seamlessly on a unique platform, increasing convenience, speed, cost-efficiency and above all security. "We already proved the value of our platform in different application areas of our customers. We look forward to inquiries from OEMs to help them make their supply chain more efficient.", so Siebert.
To find out more about Replique and their current projects, contact Dr. Max Siebert or visit

About Replique
The idea of Replique was born from experts of the Data2Value team inside the digitization group of BASF: digitizing spare parts and producing them on demand so that they can be available anytime and anywhere. To further develop this idea the team joined Cemovator GmbH, the incubator program of BASF, in the beginning of 2020. Replique now offers an industrial 3D printing platform that enables OEMs to provide parts on-demand to their customers through a global, decentralized and secured 3D printing network.

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