Epolin Visible Opaque Infrared Transmitting Dyes for Thermoplastic

Epolin's Epolight™ Visible Opaque, Infra-Red Transmitting (VOIRT) dyes

Epolin's Epolight™ Visible Opaque, Infra-Red Transmitting (VOIRT) dyes for thermoplastics produce visually opaque to semi-opaque (grey or colored) filters while transmitting infrared signals or information. VOIRT filters can be customized to optimize transmission or reduce noise in 720nm -1050nm wavelengths and beyond. 

Typical applications include digital electronics such as IR remotes, ports, proximity sensors, night vision cameras, touch screens as well as LiDAR or machine vision systems.

Epolin is a leading supplier of near-infrared dyes & thermoplastic compounds. From our manufacturing base in the USA, we supply through Aako BV in Europe, Nippon Intermediate in Japan, and Sun & Bright Industrial in China. Epolin is now a division of Chroma Color Corporation.

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