3Diligent Enables Manufacturers to Build Sophisticated Online Shops with Launch of 3Diligent Portal

With 3Diligent Portal manufacturers can create a robust digital shop to facilitate their online presence and reach new customers

3Diligent, a leading Industry 4.0 software company and on-demand manufacturing provider, today announced the launch of its 3Diligent Portal application. The new application enables manufacturers of all sizes and levels of internet savvy to build an online digital presence, reach new customers, receive RFQs, and ultimately process orders remotely and securely.

To obtain a page on portal.3diligent.com, manufacturers need only create a free account for 3Diligent's Shopsight shop management software here. Upon creating a Shopsight profile, manufacturers will be provided a free 3Diligent Portal page, where they can share information about their business, receive RFQs, and process them using 3Diligent's Shopsight shop management software.

The application will enable manufacturers around the world to build out a robust online presence, which has become increasingly important as the pandemic continues to significantly impact the manufacturing industry. Both manufacturers and their customers have faced shutdowns and significant disruptions in their supply chains and it is paramount that manufacturers are able to identify, engage with, and secure new business. With 3Diligent Portal, customers will be able to identify solutions and fulfill manufacturing requests with unprecedented levels of efficiency.

In addition to helping them build an online presence, the 3Diligent Portal page syncs with 3Diligent's ProdEX and Shopsight software, allowing customers seeking parts and manufacturers receiving part requests to do so seamlessly and securely. Suppliers with paid Shopsight subscriptions can also issue instant quotes to customers using Portal.

"With the launch of 3Diligent Portal, we are empowering manufacturers with the tools they need to be successful during a pandemic environment. It is an increasingly digital world and it is vital that manufacturers digitize their operations in order to succeed," said Cullen Hilkene, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 3Diligent. "3Diligent Portal will enable manufacturers to augment their online presences while providing customers the information they need to identify the best manufacturer for their job."

3Diligent Portal is part of 3Diligent's Vulcury Industry 4.0 software platform. Vulcury also includes 3Diligent's manufacturing-as-a-service application, ProdEX, its scalable shop management application, Shopsight, and its database of digital manufacturing technologies and materials, 3Depot. Both ProdEX and Shopsight integrate with 3Diligent Portal so that manufacturers can manage their shops and customers can manage all of their manufacturing projects in the same comprehensive platform.

In addition to utilizing a 3Diligent Portal web address, suppliers with paid Shopsight subscriptions can also integrate the quoting API used by 3Diligent Portal into their own website.

Learn more about 3Diligent Portal here and sign up for a free account here.

About 3Diligent

3Diligent is a leading Industry 4.0 software and services company. Founded in 2014, 3Diligent empowers its users to embrace and unleash the power of distributed digital manufacturing with its proprietary Vulcury digital manufacturing platform. The Vulcury platform consists of four applications: 3Diligent Portal, ProdEX, Shopsight, and 3Depot. 3Diligent Portal enables manufacturers to build a robust digital shop to facilitate their online presence and reach new customers. ProdEX is an algorithm-based manufacturing-as-a-service application that enables engineers and buyers to procure custom parts on-demand from manufacturers around the globe. Shopsight is a subscription-based, scalable shop management system that enables better job and machine shop operations through a suite of assessment, quoting, fulfillment, and quality tools. 3Depot is a digital manufacturing materials and processes search tool that provides information on thousands of materials and equipment. Lastly, 3Diligent offers a range of Industry 4.0 consulting services, including custom installations of Vulcury platform, through its Additive Consulting offering. 3Diligent counts inventors, startups, SMBs, SMMs, and Fortune 500 enterprises among its customers. For more information, visit https://www.3diligent.com.

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