Metamorp, a 3D printing software company, searches for beta testers

No installation or update is required for this free, subscription-based, photopolymerization 3D printer software

Metamorp, a free 3D printing software (SLICER) for DLP-based SLA, LCD-based SLA printers, is searching for beta testers in preparation for its global open beta service.

Metamorp utilizes artificial intelligence technology to automate 6 software processes required for 3D printing. During its 4 months of closed beta testing, it underwent more than 7,000 tests with about 60 beta testers. Through its open beta service, it aims to complete the service and increase the quality.

Wes Kim and Osten Roe, the duo creators who have been researching 3D printers and related technologies, have developed Metamorp to provide a free software service that can be widely used on various photopolymerization 3D printers just like 'CURA', an FDM type software.

While many free programs such as CURA, Repetier, OctoPrint exist for FDM type 3D printers, the PP (Photopolymerization) type 3D printer did not have such a luxury despite the fact that it is one of the most widely used types in the industry.

Moreover, as purchasing expensive per-pay softwares (Materialise Magics, Autodesk Netfabb) require significant amounts of initial funds, many users opt to use a variety of free software such as CreationWorkshop, Meshmixer, B9Creator to make printable data.

On the other hand, Metamorp is a web application for Chrome that provides error analysis and revision for 3D printing data, 3D model editing, automatic revision and generation of supporter, slicing, g-code generation, 3D printer control and other various functions for 3D printing. The software is expected to increase work efficiency as well as easily applied to the actual industrial field.

Metamorp is accepting applications for beta testers starting November 25th on its homepage ( and will launch global open beta services in Jan/Feb of 2020.

Metamorp, 3D printing software expert company, will also be debuting a technology that increases the work efficiency through improved large file processing speed from integrated cloud computing and slice technology, and automated printing preparation via AI sorting technology with 3D design data analysis that sorts 3D models per its purpose. According to the in-house test, the technology was able to process a work that typically takes 45 minutes with other programs in under 12 minutes. There is a lot of potential for Metamorp's new program that is likely to transform the user's work efficiency.

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