An Endurance new “Pro” laser modules.

Endurance presents 8.5 watt / 10 watt / 10 watt plus “Pro” laser modules.

The design was improved significantly. The main idea was to offer an engraving and cutting tool for companies who already have 3D printer farm, CNC machinery division. A lot of industrial customers wanted to use lasers in their business model for cutting and engraving.

With Endurance lasers you may cut: wood, plywood, acrylic, leather, hardboard, cardboard, felt, fabric, paper and other soft materials.
Engraving is possible with all "pro" models on: wood, plywood, acrylic, leather hardboard, cardboard, felt, fabric, paper, foam, slate, stone, glass, metals like: steel, stainless steel, copper and brass.

That all opens a vast opportunities in different fields

In addition, there were some improvements that were made:

There are some features we would like to draw your attention:
Key features:
8.5 watt "Pro" laser has an ultra-small size that allows to fit in any 3D printer and portable CNC router.
10 watt has a perfectly polished aluminum housing.
10 watt+ has a double TEC cooling that allows to keep the diode is really cold avoiding any risk of being overheated in a hot and humid place while continuous operating.

User friendly setup
Convenient mounting holes allow you to make any custom mount or holder.
High-quality optical laser pack allows to do accurate laser cutting and laser engraving on a different ranges from a laser to a surface. G2 laser lens allows to have the smallest laser beam spot of 63*133 um (microns) [0.063*0.133 mm]

New laser box controller - Laser box ver. 2.0
An advanced metal laser box with an Mo2 PCB inside equipped with all necessary tools.
Measuring an incoming voltage, diode voltage and current, protective lock key.

Huge variety of all tools are in metal painted box:

1. Analog input 0-10 PWM output 0-100%.
2. TTL input up to 24V PWM output.
3. The input in comparator mode 5V on 2V laser is turned off.
4. Focusing mode laser PWM 1%.
5. Adjustable laser voltage threshold of 4.5 to 5.5V
6. Protection against reverse polarity reversal of analog, comparator and TTL inputs.
7. The delay in applying the voltage to the laser when the unit is turned on 0.5 - 1 sec.
8. Ability to install both large and small box without modifications of the printed circuit board.
9. Ability to run an impulse mode with a wide variety of frequency and duration width.

All "Pro" lasers are being tested personally with multi-level testing system.

Full package
In a "Pro" laser package a customer is getting all in the package to get started.
Plus an ultimate tech support & 45 days of money back option.

Includes DHL worldwide shipment and insurance.
All taxes are included.
Paypal payment, credit card payment, wire transfer (US company, Russian company)

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