Isotropic 3D printing material Windform® P1 shortlisted for TCT Awards 2019

For the third year in a row, Italian-based CRP Technology has been shortlisted for prestigious TCT Awards. CRP Technology is finalist for Materials Award - Polymers with its new-born isotropic material for high Speed Sintering technology : "Windform P1"

Italian-based CRP Technology, 3D printing leader for the most advanced industrial sectors, gained new international success.

CRP Technology's Windform® P1 has been shortlisted for the Materials Award - Polymers at the TCT Awards 2019, following some strong competition and an intensive review by TCT Expert Advisory board.
Windform® P1 is the inaugural new-born isotropic PA (polyamide) from the P-LINE family of materials for High speed production-grade 3d printing.

Windform® P1 has been engineered for faster production of small end-use parts in higher volumes at lower cost, with detailed surface resolution. Furthermore, the quality and properties are similar to injection molding.

"Thanks to Windform® P1 - VP and CTO at CRP Technology, Franco Cevolini, added - mass production with 3D printing is now a reality! At CRP Technology we are pursuing non-stop innovation on the road to high tech for production manufacturing. Stay tuned for our constant evolution."

The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday 25 September 2019 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole in Birmingham (UK) during the gala evening of the 2019 edition of the TCT Show.

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