Future Oriented Solutions with Leuze electronic at Automate 2019

As a material handling industry expert, Leuze electronic presents Industry 4.0 smart sensor solutions at Automate 2019 from April 8-11 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Leuze electronic will be showcasing Industry 4.0 and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solutions at booth 7332 in the north hall of Automate 2019, collocated with Promat 2019. Leuze electronic sensors provide the foundation for Industry 4.0/IIoT by transmitting data via OPC UA directly to the Microsoft Azure cloud. The BCL 348i bar code reader and IO-Link Master will demonstrate how Industry 4.0 solutions provide condition monitoring and global accessibility with the use of augmented reality data glasses. This demonstration shows ease of use during installation as the device parameters and the barcode reading fields are displayed on the HoloLens to yield improved reading quality and reduced installation time.

Another time saving solution, Leuze electronic will be exhibiting an innovative predictive maintenance solution with their Smart Core sensor cables. The cables contain an additional, sacrificial wire that fails at approximately 80% of the cable's lifecycle. Users can now eliminate unplanned downtime, increase system availability, and proactively schedule maintenance.

Leuze electronics' portfolio ranges from cost-optimized sensors for detection to high-resolution navigation and safety solutions. Among the featured products, are the RSL 400 safety scanner with navigation and HRT 25B will highlight application solutions for AGVs. The RSL 400 Navi safety scanner combines safety technology with high-quality measurement value output in a single device to provide safeguarding and natural navigation.

Visit the Sensor People at booth 7332.

Interview gladly arranged on request.

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