faigle at ProMat 2019 in Chicago - Pioneering rollers for modern sorting systems

These rollers meet the most demanding requirements for energy savings, noise reduction and low-vibration operation and their integrated damping system is unprecedented in the area of intra-logistic rollers.

faigle, plastic specialists from Austria, is presenting the latest generation of its SE sorter rollers for parcel and baggage sorting systems at ProMat. These rollers meet the most demanding requirements for energy savings, noise reduction and low-vibration operation and their integrated damping system is unprecedented in the area of intra-logistic rollers.

Rollers for sorting systems should have a low starting and rolling resistance, be highly resilient and run quietly. faigle has increased the strength of the rollers by optimising them with structure simulation (FEM) and by using a new combination of materials. faigle uses a support body made of high-strength polyamide and a tire made of polyurethane PAS-PU TCS, which is characterised by high abrasion resistance and a low compression set.

This combination makes it possible to produce narrower rollers, which have a lower rolling resistance. The low compression set prevents the rollers from flattening after a longer standstill, such as at the weekend. Otherwise, this leads to increased energy expenditure when restarting the system.

The new rollers run significantly quieter than previous generations of sorting rollers. The plastics specialists from Austria achieved this by decoupling the "rolling" and "damping" functions. Damping is now carried out by the ingenious "faigle damping system", directly on the non-rotating rolling axis. Since the tire no longer has to perform a damping function, it is narrower and has a lower rolling resistance. They can also be ground for low-noise and low-vibration operation.

The new logistics rollers can be recognised by their attractive colour concept and smooth contours without corrugations. This keeps them clean for longer and makes them easier to clean.

You can find faigle from 8-11 April 2019 at ProMat 2019 in Chicago in the South Hall, booth 2784.

About faigle
faigle specialises in thermoplastic materials and is a recognised manufacturer of thermoplastic composites. The company produces semi-finished products, moulded parts and elements for highly stressed components. These are used in mechanical and system engineering, in passenger and rail transportation as well as in sorting facilities and escalators. As a world market leader in the field of esca-lators, the company supplies rollers for 80 percent of all escalators worldwide - and thus moves more than 2 billion people every day. Hanging straps by faigle provide secure grips for people in buses and underground trains all over the world. As an expert for sophisticated plastics solutions, we also set benchmarks in goods transportation and in the logistics branch: every day, faigle products transport 2 million tonnes of goods and 180 million packages.

faigle combines the values of a traditional family-run company with the innovative power of a market leader. In 2017, the faigle Group employed 400 people and achieved a turnover of approximately EUR 75 million. The group's headquarters are situated in Hard, Austria. In addition to two domestic locations, faigle has subsidiaries in China and Switzerland. The export share totals 75 percent and the majority of clients are based in the European, Asian and the United States mar-kets. You can find further information on the Internet under www.faigle.com.

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