MaintSmart Software, Inc. Awarded GSA Contract IT Schedule 70

MaintSmart Software, Inc. was recently awarded a GSA Contract for IT Schedule 70. Contract number: 47QTCA19D000Q

North Bend, Oregon, USA, January 2019 MaintSmart Software, Inc. was recently awarded a GSA (government services administration) contract for IT Schedule 70 (contract # 47QTCA19D000Q). This contract covers pre-packaged software, training and support for our CMMS software product. Our GSA contract offers reduced pricing to federal government agencies. Best of all, GSA carefully screens its vendors so buyers can be assured of the reliability and stability of GSA purchases. The government purchasing process is also greatly simplified when purchasing from a GSA vendor such as MaintSmart Software, Inc. By attaining this award, MaintSmart joins a prestigious list of only 1.2% of all the CMMS software companies that hold a GSA contract. We are grateful to the GSA for working hard with us as partners in attaining this award.

The GSA award application process is a vigorous and detailed undertaking that required nearly a year to complete. Receiving the approval of the federal government to contract with the military and other federal agencies speaks to the trust the government has in our company. MaintSmart has been in business for 22 years and is already in use by various federal government entities such as NASA and the Department of Homeland Security. We expect many other federal agencies to join the growing list of government MaintSmart users over the next two years.

MaintSmart Software Inc. has been providing full featured CMMS software to the world since 1996. Our flagship product MaintSmart Enterprise provide work order and preventive maintenance management, inventory and purchasing management, equipment downtime analysis and reporting and many KPI functions such as overall equipment effectiveness and reliability analysis. MaintSmart is also available in web, cloud and soon mobile application formats. Additionally, MaintSmart is completely translatable into any language. As a result, MaintSmart is in use in 42 countries.

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