PostProcess and Rösler Announce Partnership to Bring Automated, Intelligent Post-Printing to Europe

Enables End-to-End Digitization of 3D Printing for Industry 4.0 Factory Floor

BUFFALO, N.Y., USA, November 8, 2018 - PostProcess Technologies Inc., the first and only provider of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for additive manufacturing (AM), and Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH, the world's best-seller of finishing systems for traditional manufacturing, today announced a strategic partnership to bring automated post-print solutions to Europe. In the partnership arrangement, Rösler was chosen to provide PostProcess' data-driven support removal and surface finishing solutions for all AM technologies to the European market.

PostProcess is recognized as the pioneer of software-driven 3D post-processing solutions. Their technology automates the final stage of additive manufacturing (support removal and surface finish) to allow for the production of customer-ready 3D printed parts. Automation in this third step of additive manufacturing is fundamental to scaling for mass customization, as parts do not arrive off the printer customer-ready. Because PostProcess' solutions are software-driven, they enable full digitization of additive manufacturing for the Industry 4.0 factory floor.
Rösler is widely regarded as a world leader with the only comprehensive surface finishing product line for traditional manufacturing. Now, Rösler will be the only surface finishing supplier offering solutions tailored to the unique needs of both traditional manufacturing and additive manufacturing. This strategy also enables Rösler to expand its offering beyond surface finishing and into a broader post-processing scope including 3D post-print support material removal.
"The additive space is rapidly growing, especially in Europe, and as such, the demand for an automated post-printing solution is accelerating," said Bruno Bourguet, Managing Director, PostProcess Technologies International. "Rösler is a unique partner for PostProcess, bringing expertise in finishing systems with a broad European footprint, thousands of existing customers, and a strong presence across a range of industries that will greatly benefit from PostProcess' proprietary and integrated software, hardware, and chemistry solution."
"This marks a significant strategic expansion for Rösler into additive manufacturing and reinforces our commitment as one of the most progressive manufacturing solution providers to stay at the forefront of finishing technology for all manufacturing," said Stephan Rösler, President and C.E.O., Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH. Stephan Rösler indicated that the decision to work with PostProcess is the result of an intensive exploration and relied as much on a shared commitment to customer service, compatibility of capabilities, and standards of technical excellence.
Bruno Bourguet further commented, "while we have an immediate solution to automate post-printing for support removal and surface finish for all 3D print technologies, the real power of the PostProcess technology is that it is software-driven." PostProcess management indicated there is already very high interest from many market segments in Europe and worldwide in an automated post-print solution that will allow the scalability of 3D printing for Industry 4.0.
"Our technologies are already at work at many blue-chip customers in the USA, removing the post-printing bottleneck and enabling the scaling of 3D printing for Industry 4.0," Bruno Bourguet further commented. "We are excited by the very high interest in our solutions, expressed by customers from many market segments worldwide, and we are now pleased to satisfy this demand and bring our products to Europe."
PostProcess opened its first international office in Sophia-Antipolis, a technology hub near Nice, France, earlier this year. PostProcess and Rösler will debut their strategic partnership at formnext in Frankfurt, Germany, November 13-16th. PostProcess technology will be on display in both PostProcess' booth H-68 and Rösler's booth E-20 in Hall 3.0.

About PostProcess Technologies:

PostProcess Technologies is the only provider of automated and intelligent post-processing solutions for 3D printed parts. PostProcess Technologies removes the bottleneck in the third step of 3D printing - post-processing. Through patent-pending technology, PostProcess Technologies delivers consistency and scalability in addition to an increase in productivity. Customers span many industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, defense and medical.

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