AMK Automation Corp. to Showcase Smarter Motion Control Solutions at PACK EXPO Chicago

New booth exhibit to feature expanded portfolio of decentralized and cabinet-centric control technology, including a working multi-axes machine supported by a single AMKASMART™ drive

August 08, 2018 - AMK Automation Corp. will exhibit smart, versatile, efficient motion control technology to help solve many of the packaging industrys most persistent challenges at PACK EXPO Chicago, October 14-17, 2018. The AMK Automation display will be at booth N-6129 in the North Building of the McCormick Place convention center.

The AMK Automation motion control portfolio features decentralized, hybrid and centralized control solutions designed to give machine builders choices: smarter, simpler servo motors, servo modules and controllers they can use to overcome system design roadblocks and build better machines, faster.
The booth will showcase new additions to the AMK portfolio, including the AMKASMART ihXT servo module, as well as proven decentralized systems like the AMKASMART iSA decentralized controller. In the booth, there will also be updated exhibits including an interactive machine demo that uses a hybrid motion control framework, seamlessly integrating decentralized and centralized systems to support multiple axes.
"What does it mean to build better machines, faster? It means that your motion control technology shouldnt be a roadblock to building your next successful machine—it should clear the road!" said Tom Jensen, general manager and technology evangelist.
"For example, with our AMKASMART drive system, weve simplified what other companies tend to make costly and complex. We combine power and motor requirements into one powerful decentralized machine controller that makes it easier to complete many machine designs, particularly packaging machines with distributed motion axes."
Jensen, who has been involved with industrial automation for decades, believes that widely used packaging applications like conveyors could benefit from AMKs smarter, simpler motion control. "We propose a radically simple approach to conveyor control," he said. "Instead of multiple integration steps that tune each conveyor separately, use standardized control structures for any conveyor component and layout."
"This way, you enable seamless control response, since modules respond to the same commands regardless of vendor," he said. For full details on this radical new concept, download our Technical Article "A Radical Approach to Simplify Conveyor Control and Automation Productivity" here.
The AMK Automation booth at PACK EXPO will highlight a variety of drives, controls and motor solutions to help equip machine builders and end users with better technology options, including:
NEW MAKe Automation Packages: Designed to add new flexibility and ease of integration to our AMKASMART family of servo modules, these two new software packages simplify two key configuration challenges: adding an automatic adjustment/recovery system to an existing machine motion control network and adding a package that automates and streamlines servo motor and drive configuration for conveyors and conveyor cells.
Hybrid Automation Solutions: AMKs hybrid machine automation framework provides flexibility, with centralized solutions for when power is needed and the ability to quickly add remote modules. This hybrid approach seamlessly integrates servo modules like AMKs cabinet-based AMKASYN KE series power supply with decentralized components such as the newly available AMKASMART ihXT drive-integrated servo motor module. Engineered from the ground up to be fully cross-compatible, our portfolio frees packaging machine designers to select the best drive and control technologies to serve the requirements of their solutions.
Decentralized Solutions: The AMKASMART decentralized drive technology from AMK provides true modularity for machine construction with limitless machine power and the ability to eliminate costly control cabinets. The AMKASMART product family includes a variety of servo controllers, such as the compact iX servo controller; the iC servo converter, consisting of a servo controller with integrated power supply module; and the iDT "all-inclusive model" in which the servo controller is installed directly on the motor.
SPINDASYN SEZ Linear Drive Motors: The new electronic cylinder SEZ from AMK is a linear drive motor system in which the rotor is pressed directly onto the screw. Featuring high and constant force, high precision and high energy efficiency, the closed-loop positioning and force control of the SEZ make it an ideal alternative to other linear technologies, such as pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, rack and belt drives and linear motors. With several options available for screw and strength length, motor type and acceleration, the SEZ is installation-ready and provides high rigidity without additional wearing parts.

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