Aether Launches Advanced Ink - 24 New Printable Materials

3D bioprinting industry's largest and most versatile offering of bio-inks and advanced materials

Today Aether announced the launch and immediate availability of Advanced Ink, an expansive suite of 3D printable advanced material and biomaterial inks. Advanced Ink enables researchers to explore a wide variety of burgeoning fields like bioengineering, soft robotics, synthetic tissue and organ models, and electronics printing.

Advanced Ink is the most diverse and versatile line of inks available from any company in the bioprinting industry.

Advanced Ink materials are sold for a significantly lower cost than competing offerings, or are unique creations made exclusively by Aether.

Advanced Ink is universally compatible, designed to deliver high-performance to every single 3D bioprinter on the market.

Aether CEO Ryan Franks said "We started selling the latest beta version of Aether 1, but we're still scaling up manufacturing so there's not enough to go around yet. The good news is if you're still stuck using another company's bioprinter, you no longer have to be stuck using their bio-inks. Advanced Ink can expand the possibilities of your research with a far more versatile selection of materials, at a lower price."


Aether's Advanced Ink line includes PEGDA, SynthBone UV, Hyaluronic Acid, Methacrylated Hyaluronic acid, Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMa), Gelatin, Pluronic, SilverJet, Electro-Graphene, LAP Photoinitiator, Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA), and Polycaprolactone (PCL).

Created from research led by Science Director Dr. Karen Dubbin, Advanced Ink enables researchers to explore materials like SynthBone UV, a unique and powerful photocrosslinkable hydroxyapatite blend, and Methacrylated Hyaluronic acid, an original creation which may be utilized for bio-ink blends and cell interaction.


Aether is the first company to offer 3D printable silicone inks, pre-loaded in syringes and ready to print.

Aether's Advanced Ink suite includes clear, high strength, clear paste, white electrical, clear semi-flow, FDA approved, black anti-corrosive, high performance, clear flow, and semi-flow silicone.

Advanced Ink's silver nanoparticle, graphene, lead free solder, and silicone inks provide powerful tools for electronics printing, soft robotics, and bioelectronics.


Intense focus on their own specialty may cause researchers to miss discoveries in other areas, which could be of tremendous value to their own work. Offering cutting-edge, low cost materials spanning a wide variety of research areas will encourage diverse technologies to converge, inspiring new breakthroughs.

Advanced Ink is available for purchase now.

Visit to learn more.


Aether empowers researchers to make history by unifying the world's most advanced 3D bioprinter, revolutionary AI and high-performance bio-inks into a single transformational platform.

Aether is a San Francisco life sciences and technology company headquartered in downtown San Francisco. Additionally, the Company's Advanced Ink research program takes place at Johnson and Johnson Innovation's JLABS (JLABS@QB3 location), where Aether currently maintains residency.

Aether 1 3D bioprinter beta units are now available in limited quantities. Aether's AI organ segmentation medical imaging software is expected for beta release in the coming months.

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