Maniks Stop Valve (MSVA) Used in Refrigeration Systems

Stop valve (SVA) is extremely proficient and financially savvy item. Maniks are having far reaching scope of stop valves which is utilized as a part of different applications from family unit to modern purposes.


Stop valve (SVA) is extremely proficient and financially savvy item. Maniks are having far reaching scope of stop valves which is utilized as a part of different applications from family unit to modern purposes.
Activity of Stop Valve
The stop valves (SVA) are utilized to stop stream of hot or chilly water in pipes installation. Stop valve is a valve framework which is intended to stop stream of fluid through a pipe it is for the most part utilized as a part of imperative hardware or a human workstation. There are numerous everyday applications in which we will discover utilization of SVAs, for example, spigot, icemaker, washrooms, dishwasher and clothes washers.
A stop valve (SVA) can be worked physically or naturally. Manual SVAs by and large have a screw handle to stop and enable the liquid to move through the pipe, which is most generally utilized valve in pipes applications. These valves are introduced in the middle of the installation and the channeling which stub out from the dividers or ground surface. Stop valves allow to perform routine upkeep, for instance, channel change and drain cleaning, and notwithstanding supplant the entire mechanical assembly or machine or make minor repairs, for instance, changing gaskets or water supply connectors.

Stop valves (SVA) are accessible in two kinds
1. Point way Type
2. Straight-way Type
Versions with Standard neck (SVA-S).

These valves are incredibly planned to meet all advanced refrigeration application requirements and are to give good stream characteristics. They are definitely not hard to devastate and repair when indispensable. They bolster is exceptionally basic therefore Stop valves are supported by various refrigeration applications. The stop valve cone is expected to ensure perfect closing and withstand a high structure throb and vibration, which can be accessible especially in the discharge line.
Stop valve is composed with prospect to use in mechanical refrigeration framework it comprise of three noteworthy parts to be specific valve cone, shaft, pressing organ the short depiction is given beneath.
• Valve Cone:
The valve cone can be turned on the pivot. Thusly there will be no disintegration between the cone and the seat when the valve is opened and closed and the phenomenal arrangement will keep up a vital separation from cone turn in light of throb and vibration when the valve is in empty position. A Teflon settling ring outfits perfect settling with minimum closing force.
• Spindle:
The shaft is comprised of cleaned stainless steel, perfect for jump seal fixing.
• Packing gland:
It is a low temperature pressing organ that guarantees an ideal snugness in the range: - 60/+150°C (- 76/+302°F). The pressing organs are furnished with a scrubber ring to avoid infiltration of earth and ice into the pressing organ of the stop valve.
Highlights of Stop Valve
• Applicable to HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia) and R744 (CO2).
• Can be utilized as a part of compound and petrochemical applications.
• Modular Concept:
• Each valve is accessible with a few diverse association writes and sizes.
• Possible to change over Standard neck stop valve (MSVA-S) some other item in the MSVL family (controlling valve, stop check valve, check valve or strainer) just by supplanting the entire best part.
1. Fast and simple valve redesign benefit. It is anything but difficult to supplant the best part and no welding is required.
2. Optional frill:
• Heavy obligation modern hand wheel for visit task.
• Cap for rare task.
3. Available in point way and straight-route variants with Standard neck
• Each valve write is obviously set apart with sort, size and execution run.
• The valves and tops are set up for fixing, to counteract task by unapproved people, utilizing a seal wire.
• Internal metal back seating: DN 15 - 65 (¼ - 2½ in.)
• Internal PTFE back seating: DN 80 - 150 (6 in.)
• Can acknowledge stream in the two headings.
• Equipped with stainless steel jolts. Max. working weight is
52 bar g (754 psi g)
Temperature extend: - 60/+150°C (- 76/+302°F)

Points of interest
As a result of dependable task and best quality item Stop valve have following points of interest
• It is an extremely monetary item with prevalent quality
• Maintenance is simple and they are easy to repair
• Stop valve is extremely proficient item and doesn't require any oil
• User inviting application and simple to deal with
• Provides quality execution for longer life

As the Stop valve has numerous points of interest over the ordinary one they are utilized as a part of numerous day today applications
• Household water supply taps
• Dishwashing machines
• Washing machines
• Bathrooms and fundamental water supply control
• Used in gardens for water supply and control

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