Enclosed Power Supplies for Automation from Balluff

The hardware for the enclosed power supplies is designed for inclusion in a self-contained piece of automation equipment.

Balluff is excited to announce an expansion to our line of industrial power supplies, the new enclosed power supplies. This enhances the popular portfolio of industrial power supplies which currently includes: IP67 machine mount versions, traditional IP20 DIN-rail mountable versions and our smart & IOT-ready Heartbeat power supplies.

The hardware for the enclosed power supplies is designed for inclusion in a self-contained piece of automation equipment. "Enclosed power supplies are ideal for small to medium size applications where there is no control cabinet being used," says Janet Czubek, Marketing Manager for Accessories. They mount with basic screw holes to the machine and because of the small IP20 enclosure it is suitable for small desktop equipment, like medical testing machines or 3D printers. Czubek continues, "The compact form of the enclosed power supplies makes it ideal for small, self-contained applications such as vending machines, or industrial grade appliances. They can be installed directly in the device enclosure."
With the addition of the enclosed power supply family, Balluff now offers an even broader line of automation accessory products for networking, connectivity and sensors.
Output voltages available: 5 Vdc, 12 Vdc, 15 Vdc and 24 Vdc
Output power available: 20, 35, 60, 100 and 150 W versions
Short-circuit protected, UL Recognized (UR)
About Balluff Inc.: Balluff Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Balluff GmbH, Neuhausen, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of inductive, photoelectric, vision, capacitive and magnetic sensors as well as linear position transducers, RFID systems, and networking products. Balluff products for OEM and factory floor solutions are used to control, regulate, automate, assemble, position, and monitor manufacturing, assembly, and packaging sequences for industries including: metalworking, automotive, plastics, material handling, wood processing, aerospace, alternative energy, medical, electrical, and electronics.

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EXAIR Corporation - CE Compliant Cold Gun

EXAIR Corporation - CE Compliant Cold Gun

In addition to producing a cold, quiet stream of air to reduce heat buildup on machining operations, EXAIR's Cold Gun Aircoolant System™ has also met the rigorous safety, health, and environmental standards of the European Union in order to attain the CE mark. The Cold Gun is a low cost alternative to expensive mist systems. It eliminates the ongoing costs associated with the purchase, filtration and disposal of liquid coolants. In addition, there are no worker related health problems resulting from breathing airborne coolants or slipping on wet shop floors. The Cold Gun Aircoolant System incorporates a stainless steel vortex tube to convert an ordinary supply of compressed air into a cold 20°F (-7°C) air stream at one end and a hot exhaust at the other. There are no moving parts to wear out. The Cold Gun now features an improved muffler on the hot air exhaust to reduce the noise level to a quiet 70 dBA.