IONIC3DP launches Kappa - The World's First Exact Straight Line Mechanism 3D Printer on Kickstarter

Created with more than two decades of experience in the 3D Printer and hardware manufacturing industry and designed and developed in the National University of Singapore. Kappa is made to be user-friendly to beginners and delivers quality expected of makers and intrigues the interest of innovators.

After more than one and a half years of research and development, Ionic3DP Private Limited, a startup from Singapore, announces the launch of their first FFF/FDM Desktop 3D Printer, KAPPA, based on the Scott Russell Exact Straight Line Mechanism. This proven technology is already being used in the automobile and pick and place robotics due to its precision and consistency. The first of its kind in the Additive Manufacturing Industry, the design offers advantages over the current existing models in the market.

Providing the highest value at lowest cost, Kappa caters to a wide range of users from individuals, families, 3D printing services, educational institutions and businesses.
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Launching on Kickstarter, the base version at SGD 329 (approximately USD 246) offers the following features:
Unibody Aluminium Frame: Made from a customised extrusion mould using high-grade raw materials resulting in a study and robust frame.
Large Build Volume, Small Footprint: The design gives the user a build volume of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm for a small footprint area.
Simplified Assembly: Completed in just a few minutes, youre ready to print after fitting just 6 screws.
Heated Bed: Print with an array of filaments at an add-on cost of only SGD 35 (approximately USD 26 - Highly Recommended).
Detachable Bed: Easy and quick removal of prints to ensure an uncomplicated 3D printing experience
Compact & Convenient: Kappa utilizes much less desk space compared to other 3D printers of similar print area and weighs only 6 kgs.
Internally Housed Components: The electronics board, motors and wires are already connected and housed within and onto the frame eliminating the need for messy wiring and confusing connectors.
Kappas detailed specifications can be found at
Keeping production in mind, the design and development of Kappa was carried out at the MVP Studio in the National University of Singapore, continuously improving the design over multiple iterations. With more than two decades of experience in the 3D printer and hardware manufacturing industry, the Design For Manufacturing (DFM) process adopted has optimised functions right from production for customer satisfaction.
Our manufacturing partners prior experience in this field has enabled all prototypes to be made using the same machinery required for mass production, identifying and solving issues that do not usually arise during prototyping.
Furthermore, the unique concept allows for multiple design variations especially when scaling up to larger sizes, offering advantages on the manufacturing and consumer front. Ionic3DP plan to roll out industry entry level sized 3D printers along with other designs using the Exact Straight Line Mechanism.
Bootstrapped from the start and set to launch on Sunday, 10th September at noon (SGT), the team is confident that Kappa is user-friendly to beginners, delivers quality expected of makers and intrigues the interest of innovators.
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About Ionic3DP
Based out of Singapore, China and India; our team's seamless merging of unique complementary skills ranging from design, hardware, manufacturing, robotics, software, business, marketing and prior startup experience, raises our probability of success. Combined with industry expert advisors in robotics and management guiding us in making more appropriate decisions both in terms of technical development, business strategy and its executions.
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