Uses 3D Printer on International Space Station to Create First Ever Data Visualization of “The Internet”

British-based Specialist Search Engine First to Create a Big Data Sculpture in Zero Gravity Two Hundred and Fifty Miles Above the Earth and Made in Space have succeeded in their 18-month quest to print a "Majestic Landscape" - a 3D data visualization sculpture - depicting "The Internet" in its entirety on a 3D printer designed to work in zero gravity on the International Space Station.

The team at - a specialist internet search engine and recent winners of a 2016 Queen's Award for Innovation - are over-the-moon that they have created history high above the earth.
Find a video about the project here: Majestic in Space Project Video
Made In Space's microgravity 3D printer, the Additive Manufacturing Facility (dubbed, "AMF"), began its journey to the ISS on the Atlas V rocket in March of 2016 and has been steadily printing items for space and technology research for the past few months.
The printing took place on the International Space Station on 25th January and Matthew Napoli - VP of In-Space Operations for Made In Space, Inc. said, "The print looks really good. It was exciting to be able to print those complex digital features in microgravity and see the great results."
The data behind the 3D visualization lies in Majestic's unique ability to crawl the internet on a massive scale and tell which websites and pages are the most trustworthy across the web.
Although in-space manufacturing is in its infancy, this is one of the first commercial business transactions to ever be completed in space.
What does the data mean?
Majestic's Search Engine is able to assign mathematical scores to every link on the web which enables businesses to tell how much influence their site may have with commercial search engines and consumers compared with their competition.
The mathematics looks at the quantity and quality of links across the world-wide-web which are an indication of the authority and trustworthiness of any URL or website on The Internet.
The peak of the sculpture shows where the most trustworthy websites are based on them having high amounts of trustworthy inbound links from other websites.
The base of the sculpture we call the "Wall of Spam" which makes up a huge amount of the Internet.
Dixon Jones from Majestic explains:
"The #MajesticInSpace Project has been about expanding ideas, expanding knowledge leadership and about believing that data can be more than just numbers on an excel spreadsheet. I think that it also inspires people within our industry to say we are doing more there is more that we can do in the world to advance humankind. We are thrilled to have been able to partner with the Made in Space team to bring this data to life and help them further their research into in-space manufacturing."
"Working with Majestic has been a great example of the commercial and International cooperation needed to develop the space industry and take humans to the next frontier. What we have accomplished with this partnership would not have been possible even a year ago and truly showcases that new technologies have now made space accessible to anyone on earth." - Matthew Napoli - VP of In-Space Operations for Made In Space, Inc.
Link to Dropbox with Press Assets, Images and Gifs
About Majestic
Majestic is a UK-based search engine unlike others on the Internet. Majestic crawls the web to interpret the connections, hubs, authorities and networks that share content with the world. The search engine operates in 12 languages and is used by people in over 100 countries to survey and categorize the web.
Their map of The Internet is used by new media specialists and online marketing experts for a variety of uses surrounding online prominence including Link Building, Reputation Management, Website Traffic development, Competitor Analysis and News Monitoring.
Majestic is constantly revisiting web pages and sees around 6 billion pages a day, making it one of the largest web crawlers on the planet. Now Majestic can also claim to be the largest web crawler off the planet as well.
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