The strategic plan Industria 4.0 starts in Italy

And A&T establishes the Innovation 4.0 Award for successful case histories!

The Italian strategic plan "Industria 4.0" was officially presented in last September 2016, by the Italian Government.

The plan is expected to attract €10 billions of additional industrial investment, and €7 billions for research and development through tax incentives, support to venture capital, ultra-broadband development, educational training in schools and universities, and state-of-the-art research centers" (Source:
The 11th edition of A&T, the International Trade Fair for Competitive innovation for the Manufacturing Industry, which will be held in Turin, Italy, from May 3rd to 5th, offers a rich programme of "Industria 4.0" events, such as 2 main conferences and 15 technical sessions, plus a help desk for companies looking to enter the National Strategic Plan. Concerning these companies, A&T created the "Innovation 4.0 Award", which will select the best cases histories of technologies and research projects that help companies entering the 4.0 stage; as stated, the best nominees will be awarded in the following categories: "Research and University", "Companies", "School". The award, in collaboration with Italian Univertisities, industries, main companies and trade associations, will grant the winners with the opportunity to present the project to potential partners and customers for a transfer of technology.
The main topics for case histories are: industrial robots, human-robot interaction, tools and working of special materials, IoT in industries, simulation, maintenance, measurements, additive manufacturing, testing and visual testing, artificial vision, laser.
Furthermore, A&T offers interesting hospitality packs to its foreign visitors, consisting of travel, various kind of city tours in Turin and surrounding areas, and transport, all customizable according to different needs. Hospitality packs can be combined, and a specific organization office will answer any request.

A&T- 11th edition - May 3rd/5th, 2017

The trade fair is for Decision Makers and Technical Managers from manufacturing industries, who are interested in innovative solutions and technologies to improve the competitiveness of their business.
The fair will focus on two main topics: A&T - ROBOTIC WORLD (the fair of robotics, dedicated to production and automation technologies), and A&T - Affidabilità & Tecnologie (the leading trade fair for Testing and Measurements). Recently A&T - Robotic World signed an important partnership with AUTOMATICA, the leading trade fair for robotics in Germany, aiming at giving value to system integrators in the process of improving the competitiveness of manufacturing industries.

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Dynatect Automated Machine Safety Door

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