Indie Meets Indiegogo To Help Shape The Future of 3D Printing

Mumbai's Maher Soft Launches New Fully-Developed Industrial-Grade Desktop 3D Printer

MUMBAI, India, Jan. 16, 2017 — (PRNewswire) — 3D printer manufacturer Maher Soft has launched an Indiegogo campaign to introduce their new desktop 3D printer -- dubbed "Indie" -- to the public, the company announced today.

"Unlike other Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects, our product is well beyond the conceptual and prototyping phases," said Maher Soft Founder Mohammed Khorakiwala, "Indie is fully-developed, fully-tested, and fully-functional. Our goal is simply to rally support to secure the resources needed to ramp up production and bring Indie to desktops around the world."

The Mumbai-based startup has already successfully proven Indie's efficacy, having tested the product with their existing customer 3D models. In one case study, the team used Indie to create a scale model of a 115-meter-long piece of transport equipment for a leading transport services company in the petroleum and refinery industry.

Indie's ability to enable companies to rapidly prototype and test products, capture the interest of clients, and ultimately bring products to market faster and more affordably spans numerous industries as diverse as healthcare, industrial design, aviation, engineering, and more.

Indie makes it possible for surgeons to prep on a 3D-printed model of a human body part prior to surgery, architects to showcase model building and landscape designs to clients, automotive companies to perform functional testing on auto components, and many other valuable applications.

Lightweight and compact in size, Indie is designed to fit right on the desktop, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts, students, and makers of all sensibilities.

Not only is Indie one of the most power-efficient machines in its class -- consuming less than 250 watts while in operation -- but also one of the most affordable, offering state-of-the-art features difficult to find in other brands and for a fraction of the cost.

Key Indie Desktop Printer features include a large 8"x8"x8" heated bed to ensure uniform heating along with an enclosed heated chamber and temperature sensor to remove excess heat that reduce cracking and warping of the print. A combination of injection molded and metal parts and high quality bearings extends gantry life.

Easy extruder removal prevents damaging parts during cleaning and maintenance. "Emotion" lighting add aesthetic appeal and allows the users to enjoy the print experience from a distance. High-end sensors and filters reduce voltage and current fluctuations. And because Indie was built on an open source platform using standardized components, replacement costs are kept low.

Leading up to their Indiegogo launch, the Maher Soft team has been busy showcasing Indie to makers, designers, and students at a number of tech-focused events and exhibitions. Stops included Maker Fest, IIT Techfest -- where they were one of just a select few companies invited to participate -- as well as IIT TechNex.

Maher Soft's Indiegogo campaign officially opened January 16th. The first hundred backers can receive an Indie Desktop 3D Printer starting at just a $549 pledge level -- half its retail price. Other rewards are expected to ship to backers worldwide starting April 2017. Maher Soft has been certified by through Indiegogo and Arrow's Certification program. It's a personalized comprehensive engineering review that adds credibility to the Indiegogo campaign with an Arrow Certification badge.

The Maher Soft team encourages those interested in learning more about Indie and the other offered reward perks to visit their campaign page here. After only a few hours since launching, Maher Soft has already reached nearly 30% of their goal.

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