PACK Expo - New Full-featured Palletizer for under $60,000

TopTier introduces the industry’s most compact and cost effective palletizing solution at PackExpo 2016. Fully automated palletizer delivers one layer per minute.

TopTier introduces the industry's most compact and cost effective palletizing solution at PackExpo 2016. The new Compact series palletizer is available in both high and low infeed configurations and offers the same safety, controls, features, and robust construction standard in all TopTier models.

Breakthrough patent pending technology from TopTier offers a major advancement in lower speed palletizing. The new Compact model can be configured for pallet jack access. Options such as automated pallet dispensing, automated load exit, sheet dispensing, and concurrent stretch wrapping are available. Precise product positioning technology provides for absolute reliability.
With a footprint as small as 72" by 100" the new Compact model is the smallest in the industry, and significantly smaller than robotic solutions. Multiple high infeed configurations can be installed at 7 feet on center. A 7" color touchscreen HMI and the award-winning EasyStack® pattern building software are both standard.
"Don't let the price fool you. The new Compact model is engineered and built to the same high standards of all our machines. It's an ideal solution to replace manual palletizing." -Steve Heston, TopTier CEO
About TopTier: TopTier is the #1 selling line of palletizers in North America. TopTier palletizers are mission-critical components of automated end-of-line packaging operations for food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. TopTier is the leader in innovation and value ― providing palletizing solutions with speed, flexibility, and dependability for 24/7 operations. TopTier installs single palletizers or systems integrated with existing conveyor and other material handling equipment to drive productivity and increase efficiency. New patented technologies from TopTier make palletizing reliable, easy, safe, and energy efficient.
PackExpo International
November 6-9, 2016
Chicago, Illinois
Booth N-4732

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Bitflow is the leader in CoaXPress

Bitflow is the leader in CoaXPress

With the introduction of its Cyton and Karbon CXP frame grabbers, BitFlow has established itself as the leader in CoaXPress (CXP), a simple, yet powerful, standard for moving high speed serial data from a camera to a frame grabber. With CXP, video is captured at speeds of up to 6.25 Gigabits/Second (Gb/S). Simultaneously, control commands and triggers can be sent to the camera 20 Mb/S (with a trigger accuracy of +/- 2 nanoseconds). Up to 13 W of power can also supplied to the camera. All this happens over a single piece of industry standard 75 Ohm coaxial cable. Multiple CXP links can be aggregated to support higher data rates (e.g. four links provide 25 Gb/S of data). BitFlow CXP frame grabbers open the door to applications where cable cost, routing requirements and long distances have prevented the move to high resolution, high speed digital cameras. In many cases, existing coaxial infrastructure can be repurposed for CXP with very low installation costs.