Flagstaff, AZ - Electric Torque Machines (ETM) M-Series direct drive motors can reduce energy costs by 60 to 80% compared to conventional NEMA motor and gearbox combinations. Using patented electromagnetic motor technology, ETM motors provide 80 to 90% operating efficiency for similar motor and gearbox applications. ETMs integrated motor and drive systems are commonly used for conveyors, fans, pumps, packaging equipment and many other applications.

Through both increased motor efficiency and a unique ability to eliminate the gearbox, these motors 80-90% operating efficiency is a significant improvement to comparable common motor/gearbox combinations. These combinations operate at 30 to 64% nominal efficiencies, 60 to 80% efficient motors with 50 to 80% efficient gearboxes. As a result, a single ETM M-Series motor with higher efficiencies can reduce energy costs by approximately $1350 per year versus conventional motor/gearbox combinations.
In addition to energy savings, eliminating the gearbox reduces overall motor and drive system costs as well as other related costs such as maintenance, inventory and spare parts supply.
These compact and lightweight motors are available with adjustable speed ranges from 0 to 1800 RPM, output torques from 40 to 1800 lb. in. and 0.71 to 2.2 HP ratings. In addition to their standard enclosure, they are available for washdown applications with food grade bearing lubricant, smooth, fin-less IP67 enclosures and white epoxy paint. They are UL Listed and RoHS Compliant.

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Electric Torque Machines (ETM) motor and drive technology is the result of nearly 10 years of product development, testing and scaling of high volume manufacturing. Our patented technology is a major advancement in electric motor development providing low cost, high efficiency, high continuous torque density, high reliability and a wide operating window to reduce costs.

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maxon motor's - The ultra-fast brushless DC motor

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