Electric Imp Debuts Next Generation IoT Solutions to Enable Connected Manufacturing at Mass Scale

Electric Imps Connected Manufacturing innovations will be showcased at IoT World (booth number 515).

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IoT WORLD - Electric Imp, the leading provider of a powerful Internet of Things (IoT) platform that securely connects devices to advanced cloud computing resources, today announces availability of its Connected Manufacturing solution suite. Connected Manufacturing leverages a single, secure platform to speed time to market, cut labor and materials costs, and eliminate security threats for companies to ramp up manufacturing to deploy millions of IoT devices. Electric Imps Connected Manufacturing innovations will be showcased at IoT World (booth number 515).

A core component of Electric Imps Connected Manufacturing suite is the new impFactory™, an appliance purpose-built to securely configure, track and activate IoT-connected devices during mass production. The impFactory ships with embedded BlinkUp™, a patented technology enabling secure provisioning. impFactory collects and feeds valuable production data directly to business systems for real-time analytics and includes multiple interfaces to attach printers, scanners and other machines used during device testing on the factory floor.

Along with impFactory, Connected Manufacturing also includes enhancements to impOS™, impSecure™, and impCloud™. Together, the products create workflow automation and data insights that span the entire lifecycle of IoT-connected devices - from lab prototype to factory production to installing and maintaining devices anywhere in the world.

"Anyone who has ever built millions of connected devices knows that visibility, flexibility and secure control of the manufacturing process can make or break a product," said Hugo Fiennes, co-founder and CEO of Electric Imp. "Unless you are willing to have your engineers live at the factory, wherever in the world it is, you are limited in what you control. We designed our Connected Manufacturing suite to deal with the real-world, real-time and potentially, really ugly parts of bringing a secure IoT product to market."

Connected Manufacturing early-release users include Pitney Bowes, a recently announced Electric Imp customer, and Petasense.

Pitney Bowes
"It takes just seconds for us to activate our connected devices using Connected Manufacturing from Electric Imp," said Rick Ryan, Strategic Technology and Innovation Center Research Fellow at Pitney Bowes. "The ability to establish trust between a device and the recently announced Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud is critical as we deploy new customer services while retaining the security levels required by our highly-regulated business. By utilizing impFactory™ and leveraging the Electric Imp devices and cloud services, we anticipate a cut in connectivity costs as we develop our digital relationship with our customers."

"We estimate we will cut more than 50 percent of the time needed to provision by using impFactory™ and the Electric Imp platform," said Abhinav Khushraj, founder and CEO for PetaSense, which leverages Electric Imp to provide vibration sensing technology for predictive maintenance. "Other methods simply wont scale - particularly when you are manufacturing thousands of devices at a time. The impFactory™ is easy to use, can move around the factory floor and can even be triggered using a footswitch, freeing the operators hands for other work."

Connected Manufacturing solutions from Electric Imp will be showcased in booth 515 at IoT World, being held May 9-11 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, Calif.

About Electric Imp

Electric Imp offers an innovative and powerful Internet of Things (IoT) platform that securely connects devices with advanced cloud computing resources. Our mission is the transform the world through the power of connectivity. Electric Imp provides a unique solution - featuring fully integrated hardware, OS, security, provisioning, APIs and cloud services - and dramatically decreases cost and time to market while increasing security, scalability and flexibility. The Electric Imp platform enables innovative commercial and industrial applications and empowers manufacturers to manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users.

Electric Imp, founded in 2011, is located in Los Altos, California and Cambridge, England. For more, visit https://electricimp.com.

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