Jump Headfirst into Industrial IoT Projects with Moxa's 4G LTE Jump Start Kit

The new kit sharply reduces the cost and effort to connect industrial sensors and devices to cloud-connected databases and platforms

BREA, CA, APRIL 7, 2016 -- Moxa, a leading manufacturer of communications and networking equipment for industrial automation, is now offering system integrators and OEM machine builders an extremely cost-effective and flexible solution to connect sensors and devices to a management platform or database over 4G LTE wireless networks.

Now available in North and South America, the new Moxa 4G LTE Jump Start Kit addresses two key pain points when connecting operations to the Industrial Internet of Things - collecting data from industrial devices, and transmitting that data in an efficient format to a cloud-connected platform. It contains everything a system integrator or OEM needs to establish the necessary connectivity for industrial operations and sites, including: an easily-programmed Modbus data logger with built-in 4G LTE communications, a Modbus gateway that connects to most commercially-available PLCs and RTUs, and an I/O module to collect analog and digital sensor data.

The core of the 4G LTE Jump Start Kit is a programmable Modbus data logger that runs Debian Linux and is powered by a 1 GHz ARM7 processor. The datalogger features Moxa's new ThingsPro™ software, which provides an easy-to-use platform to collect, process, format, customize, and share data from attached devices. This data can be instantly available to any cloud-connected database or platform over the unit's built-in 4G LTE cellular connection for central management, reporting, advanced analytics, and new Industrial Internet of Things applications.

ThingsPro™ includes a simple web-based configuration interface, RESTful APIs for easy access to all Modbus and 4G functions, and C/C++/Python APIs for access to the collected Modbus data. System integrators can immediately leverage built-in communication functions and customize the functionality to their requirements, without having to develop wireless drivers and industrial protocol handlers.

In addition to the programmable datalogger, the 4G LTE Jump Start Kit includes an I/O module, Modbus gateway, and 4G LTE module. The ioLogik E1242 I/O module supports 4 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, and 4 digital input/outputs, while the MGate MB3180 Modbus gateway supports any Modbus RS-232/422/485 connection. This combination of components provides all the immediate and essential elements to collect and process data from nearly any sensor, PLC, or RTU and transmit that data over a 4G LTE connection. Different I/O and protocol requirements can also be supported by swapping out other I/O modules and gateways.

"System integrators and OEMs need to start leveraging the Industrial IoT in order to deliver the greatest value to their customers," explained Daniel Liu, Business Development Manager at Moxa Americas, Inc. "This means getting customers' devices connected to the cloud and to a database so they can be read by advanced software platforms. Our 4G LTE Jump Start Kit helps make this as easy and cost effective as possible. It streamlines cloud connectivity efforts for existing devices in nearly any remote monitoring and management application."

From now until October 1, 2016, Moxa is offering the 4G LTE Jump Start Kit at a specially discounted price to qualified system integrators and OEMs. Contact the Moxa Americas office or an authorized regional distributor for details.

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