2016 Hannover Masse, 4/25-4/29 Hall 14, Stand K11

3 Core Products in demonstration: - gearless speed reducers with self-locking embedded - contactless torque sensor - flat type gearmotor

We started having this idea back in late 2012 being noxious about seen as a pure OEM/ODM manufacture in Taiwan. May be that's true unless we can prove ourselves to be different. So finally we managed to make the design drawings, prototypes, failed and improved, it actually works as we had hoped.

Last year we attended TechnoFrontier in Tokyo, Japan. We received overwhelmed responses from the market and some even key players. While we are making samples for these customers to test and prove it also works for them and their applications, we decided to take another step to go to Europe. So here we come, Hannover Messe 2016. 4/25-4/29. It's going to be fun and exciting I hope.

I think we can do better than just a small potato, we can really make a difference. We do not intend to replace Harmonic or RV drives in the market, we are only offering a new kind of speed reducer that has self-locking function embedded and it's gearless, strong and compact with high ratio.

We are also proud to come up with how we built the torque sensing capability within speed reducer. It is definitely not precise to 3 decimal points, but what if it is to 2 decimal points and with reasonable cost? Plus it is, once again, embedded within speed reducers?

Lastly but also most exciting is the flat gear motor. We are not trying to get into motor business. We just want to fill in the gap where flat type gear motor is missing from the market. At the end, we are offering market a fully integrated solution of a speed reducer that has self-locking, torque sensing, and BLDC motor embedded with a relatively compact size. Motion designers no longer have to be struggling between selecting motor and speed reducer and pulling hair trying to put a 3rd party torque sensor in at the same time.

Can we do it? May be not this year. But what if we can offer prototype next year? Does that mean we are making a difference?

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