eeMod - A multi-functional and integrated development platform for Electronic prototyping coming soon on Indiegogo

eeMod is a development platform that integrates the maker's favourite sensors, tools, and controllers... all without any wires or connections.

eeRoots (electrical engineering roots), an electronics development company, will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in the month of April to showcase their elegant solution to electronic prototyping.

Their product is called eeMod. eeMod is a multi-functional development module that takes all of your favorite sensors, tools, and controllers, and lets you use them without any wires or connections. This module is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-fi and Zigbee, and best of all, it works just as simply as the traditionally used models such as Arduino. To put it simply, this is a prototyping module on steroids.
eeMod features an impressive range of sensors and connectivity options: Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, eight Infrared Sensors, two Motor Controllers with two DC motors, two Light Sensors, Color Sensor, digital Compass, Gyro, Accelerometer, SD Card slot and USB. If that wasn't enough, the development board is less than 8 cm by 6 cm (centimeters) in size. It's smaller than your fist. It's also designed to transform into a robot which can be controlled from your smartphone or PC, keeping the young ones entertained.
Despite this great flexibility and functionality, eeMod is still incredibly easy to use. Hobbyists, students, engineers, or even those that are just starting out, have the opportunity to program in any IDE of their choice. The module is Arduino compatible and the processor can be replaced by just plugging it out, without disturbing or changing any of the functionality. Just plug in the USB and use any sensor or combination of sensors you want for any of your creations. It will save you time, and your projects will suddenly become much more flexible and clean. Wireless data logging, learning or teaching, robotics, internet of things, interactive games, system controller and more, made easy. eeMod has got you covered.
Creators are confident eeMod will take electronic prototyping to a whole new level, with the key attractions about this product being the integration of features and ease of use. eeRoots will offer exciting perks with each funding option in their campaign, launching soon at the end of March. The product can be viewed on
About eeRoots
eeRoots specializes in design and development of electronics and software intended for educational and commercial purposes. The company has developed an exciting integrated development platform which will be available after March 2016 through Indiegogo ( Visit to subscribe and keep updated!

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