Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Announces Release of 2016 Cloud ERP Software Buyer's Guide for Manufacturing

The TEC Cloud ERP Software Buyers Guide for Manufacturing is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized manufacturers. It addresses the key questions these businesses have about cloud software deployment, and assists decision makers in their evaluation of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions.

TEC is pleased to announce the publication of its latest software buyers guide, the 2016 Cloud ERP Buyers Guide for Manufacturing. Written by TEC senior ERP analyst Aleksey Osintsev, this guide examines cloud ERP from various areas of interest to manufacturers, including cloud computing technology trends, cloud ERP basics, software delivery options, pros and cons of using cloud-based software, and an overview of available vendor solutions. All this information is critical for manufacturers considering migrating to a cloud ERP solution.

As a guide written specifically for manufacturers, it examines the often misplaced concerns these businesses have with cloud ERP, which have caused the manufacturing sector to lag behind in its adoption of cloud ERP solutions. It also looks at why more and more manufacturers are now choosing to migrate to the cloud, and the major benefits that are driving cloud ERP adoption. These include implementation, flexibility, scalability, compliance, maintenance, uptime, and integration with other enterprise software solutions.

Says guide author Aleksey Osintsev, "Cloud computing is one of the most important advances in enterprise software, and manufacturers are keen to learn all they can before making any decisions. This guide helps fulfills that need." It provides key information and guidance for manufacturers on how to select the right cloud ERP solution.

The TEC 2016 Cloud ERP Software Buyers Guide for Manufacturing includes a comprehensive product comparison chart displaying the top cloud ERP software solutions, and a range of real-life case studies that highlight customer successes from top ERP software vendors such as IFS, IQMS, NetSuite, Rootstock Software, SAP, and VAI. Rounding out the guide are thought leaderships from market leaders and a vendor directory of cloud ERP vendors.

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