Lithium Power to Show How it “Drives” Robotic Innovation at the RoboBusiness Conference

Battery pack design determines how strong, durable and mobile a robot will be, because robots go nowhere without power. At the upcoming RoboBusiness conference in San Jose, Lithium Power, Inc. will be exhibiting just how its innovative battery management systems (BMS) allow drones, vacuums, medical robots and other devices to perform at their highest level and fully achieve their designers visions.

San Jose, CA September 10, 2015

Lithium Power, Inc. is excited to be exhibiting at the RoboBusiness conference in San Jose September 23-24, 2015. The firm will be demonstrating the wide range of power solutions it has designed for multiple types of robots. Show visitors and fellow exhibitors can find Lithium Power in Booth #325.

Conference attendees can learn how to integrate power sources into their robot designs during the Lithium Power presentation titled "How to Select the Right Battery Pack for Your Robot." This presentation is scheduled for 11 am on September 24 at the Expo Theater. It will last 30 minutes.

Why spend time learning about battery solutions?

A robot without power is useless: Robots have a thousand different applications, but they all share one common denominator: The need to incorporate a power source. Stationary robots can plug into the mains, but mobile robots need to carry their power with them. Thats where Lithium Power comes in.

"At our booth we will be demonstrating a number of the solutions that we have designed in the last few years to help robot makers put their creations into motion," says Wilson Chan, CEO of Lithium Power, Inc. "If the robot is mobile, it needs to take its power with it. If you can plug into the wall, great, but the greatest innovations in robotics take their functions ‘on the road. That means they need a mobility of power source."

At RoboBusiness, Lithium Power will be demonstrating exactly how a fully integrated battery management solution (BMS) that maximizes the ability of the robot to deliver on its promise by balancing multiple design factors like charging power to the cells, gas gauge, pack modularity/exchangeability, size, weight and durability.

"Power need is the one constant every robot shares," says Wilson Chan, CEO of Lithium Power, Inc. "But each robot has to incorporate that power source differently. At the show we will be demonstrating how the design of the battery makes a big difference in how well each robot functions in the real world.

Lithium Power has designed battery packs for diverse robotic applications. Visitors to the Lithium Power booth will see demonstrations of:

* Drones
* Medical Robots
* Consumer vacuum appliances

Booth visitors may also view demonstrations of rugged outdoor battery packs, used in solar applications, LED work tool applications, and AC applications.

The solution can be really simple, like replacing NiMH batteries with Lithium batteries that are exactly the same dimensions and design. Or, Lithium Power starts from scratch as a partner with a robotics design team to create a custom solution that maximizes the ability of the power source to support the functions of the robot.

"We are masters of flexibility, designing battery management solutions for dozens of different types of robots over the last two years," notes Chan. "There is an elegant BMS that meets the needs of every robot. That is the message we want people to take away with them from the show."

About Lithium Power, Inc.
Lithium Power, Inc. specializes in lithium technology and offers custom-made battery packs as turnkey solutions for OEM/ODM customers for medical, UAV, energy storage and industrial applications. The company also provides off-shelf lithium replacement batteries for the iRobot Roomba, Scooba 300/450 series, Neato XV series, as well as scalable lithium battery modules for solar-powered products and medical-grade, long-lasting lithium battery packs for nursing-cart applications. Lithium Power, Inc. offers innovative breakthrough technology and ideas tailored to each of its specific application markets. For more information, call (408) 837-0206 or visit us at

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