APM Steam Helps Customers Obtain Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings Through Incentives Programs

Financial incentives for energy efficiency projects available to New York businesses

American Plant Maintenance (APM Steam), a leading provider of steam systems maintenance services, highlights an expanded incentives program for 2024. By collaborating with APM, customers can take advantage of substantial financial incentives for steam trap replacements, pipe insulation, and custom gas measures across New York State. APM Steam has a long standing track record in helping customers obtain energy efficiency and cost savings through incentives programs.

As a Gold ProNet Partner with National Grid, APM Steam is offering increased incentives for steam trap replacements in Downstate New York. Until June 30, 2024, businesses can receive $175 per steam trap prescriptively and $3 per therm for custom projects. To qualify, custom offer letters must be signed by this date and construction must be completed by December 31, 2024. These incentives aim to reduce energy waste and enhance operational efficiency.

In Upstate New York, APM Steam, a recognized ProNet Partner, is providing enhanced gas incentives starting January 1, 2024. Custom gas projects are eligible for up to $4 per therm, with custom pipe insulation and steam trap projects qualifying for up to $5 per therm. This initiative is designed to support businesses in upgrading their infrastructure and achieving significant energy savings.

For customers served by ConEdison, APM Steam is offering natural gas bonus incentives for steam trap replacements, pipe insulation, and custom gas measures. To take advantage of these incentives, projects must adhere to the following deadlines: project application package submission by July 31, 2024, installation and paperwork submission by August 31, 2024, and post inspection completion by September 30, 2024. These deadlines ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner, maximizing efficiency and benefits for businesses.

APM Steam specializes in steam system management and optimization, providing comprehensive solutions that drive energy efficiency and cost reduction. With a proven track record and strong partnerships with utility providers, APM Steam is a trusted leader in the industry. For more information on the incentives program and how to apply, visit www.apmsteam.com or contact info@apmsteam.com.

About APM Steam

Founded in 2001, American Plant Maintenance provides independent, accurate, and thorough surveys of steam systems, and performs the subsequent repairs reliably and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with reports that they can rely on to make informed decisions about the maintenance of their systems. Our reports contain all the information a facility manager might need to do the repairs on their own, so it is a testament to the quality and professionalism of our staff that our team is asked to perform the repairs after most of the surveys we do. Learn more at www.apmsteam.com, or contact us at 877-51-TRAPS or info@apmsteam.com.

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