Vogelsang USA Introduces the Innovative XSplit® Separator for Manure Management in Dairy, Cow, and Livestock Operations

Groundbreaking design ensures exceptionally high dry matter yields and unparalleled ease of use and maintenance

Ravenna, OH - Vogelsang, the inventor of the rotary lobe pump with elastomer-coated lobes, announces the U.S. launch of the XSplit® Separator, an innovative solution that significantly enhances manure management for dairy, cow, and livestock operations. The XSplit Separator efficiently transforms manure into material ideal for animal bedding and simplifies the separation of liquids from solids, boosting overall efficiency.

Utilizing the proven screw press separator approach, the XSplit groundbreaking design delivers exceptionally high dry matter yields along with unmatched ease of use and maintenance. The XSplit incorporates a high-quality elastomer sealing disc at the end of the pressing area to achieve a dry matter content of up to 40 percent. The elastomer sealing disc is a significant improvement over existing alternatives.

A key innovation is positioning the gear reducer behind the solid matter outlet, thereby eliminating the need for an additional shaft seal. This design ensures liquid manure may never come into contact with the motor, gear reduction, seals, or bearings. Competitor's units require frequent seal changes, increasing costs for wear parts, maintenance effort and downtime.

The XSplit Separator's advanced sealing disk design ensures smoother and quieter startup behavior, creating the desired plugs without aids for an optimal "start and go" operation. Various sieve variants are available to suit different media and consistencies, guaranteeing reliable separation results.

The efficient management of the separation of digestate or liquid manure is critical for profitable dairy and livestock operations. With the XSplit, the separated solid material is a valuable livestock bedding or a peat substitute and easier to transport partitioned nutrients off of the farm. Additionally, only the liquid phase enters the manure storage, significantly reducing the formation of floating and sinking layers. Meanwhile, the processed liquid phase can be applied more easily and evenly or recycled to reduce the viscosity in the digester.

Vogelsang's well-known commitment to service-friendly and adjustable equipment design ensures reduced downtime and extended life of wear parts. The XSplit allows quick access to the screen and screw elements, requiring minimal disassembly and reducing maintenance time from a full day to mere hours.

Vogelsang is launching the XSplit with Skinner Ag, known for advanced biogas solutions. This partnership leverages Skinner Ag's expertise and network, solidifying XSplit as a top solution for manure and digestate separation. Skinner Ag will offer localized support, highlighting Vogelsang's commitment to advanced technology and expert partnerships.

Skinner Ag will be demonstrating the XSplit at the North American Manure Expo. Join us in the Exhibitor Tent in Auburn, New York from July 17-18, 2024.

For more information, visit https://www.vogelsang.info/en-us/.

About Vogelsang USA

Vogelsang develops, produces, and distributes highly-engineered equipment that is easy to maintain. Founded in 1929 as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, the company has grown to become a specialist in individually configurable technology, plants, and systems for the agricultural, biogas, industrial, transportation, and wastewater sectors. Vogelsang USA is located in Ravenna, OH. Learn more at https://www.vogelsang.info/en-us/.

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