BigRep Launches the Expansive ALTRA 280, the Ultimate High-Temperature Industrial 3D Printer

Delivering high-temperature performance, the ALTRA 280 is a large-format industrial 3D printer that is fast, reliable, and highly automated to print complex production-quality parts at the push of a button.

Berlin, Germany, May 28, 2024 ‐ BigRep, considered to be one of the global leaders in large-scale Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printers, today announced its expansion into high-temperature additive manufacturing with the launch of the ALTRA 280. The latest industrial offering from BigRep is designed for the most demanding applications, featuring a fully enclosed high-temperature printing environment, an open material system compatible with BigRep and third-party filaments, and a massive build volume. The ALTRA 280 is positioned as the definitive solution for industries requiring high-performance materials, including aerospace, military and defense, and automotive.

The ALTRA 280 will debut in North America at the RAPID+TCT show in Los Angeles, California, on June 25, 2024, and will be available across the region starting July 2024.

The new ALTRA 280 updates the company's portfolio to include high-temperature FFF 3D printing, expanding into new applications that can print the full range of standard to high-performance polymers. The highlights of the ALTRA 280 are the heated 500 mm x 700 mm x 800mm build chamber capable of reaching temperatures as high as 180°C, up to four state-of-the-art DSX extruders for uninterrupted production, and the fully automated quick start feature for 3D printing at the touch of a button. The machine is designed to ensure reliability and productivity and to enable flawless prints in every batch.

Dr.-Ing. Sven Thate, Managing Director of BigRep GmbH commented,
"We are proud to extend our portfolio towards high-performance filament extrusion with our open system approach, thereby aiming to double the addressable market of our solutions with the technology from HAGE3D, our recently announced planned acquisition. For our American customers, the ALTRA 280 is considered a game-changing industrial AM solution across all temperature levels, unlocking wide thermoplastic material options. Backed by our 3D printing ecosystem of an intuitive software suite, global customer service, and an eLearning platform, we have customer's success in focus as we expand our offering to high-performance applications."

Key features of the ALTRA 280 include.
• Large-Scale 3D Printing: A generous build volume of 500 mm x 700 mm x 800mm (volume of 280 liters) designed to produce intricate fully-fledged prototypes, production-, and end-use parts.
• High-Temperature Capabilities: Prints with high-performance materials such as PEI 9085 and PC, enabling the production of strong, lightweight parts even for challenging industrial applications.
• Uninterrupted Productivity: Equipped with up to four DSX extruders, the ALTRA 280 delivers seamless production with dual extruders and two respective backup extruders, enabling reliable performance around the clock.
• Fully Automated Quick Start: The ALTRA 280 is designed for easy operation, with fully automated calibration and pre-heating processes, allowing users to start printing at the push of a button.
• Heated Vacuum Print Bed: Improved print success with the vacuum print bed, which is engineered for secure adhesion of the part and superior layer adhesion, even for large intricate prints.

Thomas Janics, Managing Director of HAGE3D GmbH said,
"We believe that the ALTRA 280 will transform the way manufacturers approach additive manufacturing, especially in the aerospace, military, and automotive segments, where high-performance parts are crucial. The machine is a combination of reliability, precision, large volume, and high-temperature capabilities, and is engineered to be the ultimate solution that pushes the boundaries of what's possible with AM."

Visit BigRep at Booth 839 at RAPID+TCT 2024 to be among the first to see the ALTRA 280 in North America.

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