Saelig Promotes ABI BoardMaster For Manufactured PCB Testing

The ABI BoardMaster is a versatile, easy-use all-in-one board tester, and, when combined with a custom bed-of-nails or test fixture, can quickly form the basis of an automated test station for manufactured or repetitive-test PCB assemblies.

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the concept of an easy-use universal PCB test solution using the ABI BoardMaster - a unique, versatile, self-contained, and easy-to-use PCB test system, housed in a convenient 19" rack case. This all-in-one unit can be attached to a custom bed-of-nails or other PCB interface to form a comprehensive end-of-line test unit for manufacturing or repetitive PCB repairs. Bed-of-nails fixtures are available from a number of manufacturers. The BoardMaster features a mix-and-match set of test instruments to provide exactly what is needed to test most PCB technologies and ICs. Easy-to-use, but sophisticated and programmable, investigation methods are provided, such as V/I testing, digital/analog IC checks, and voltage supply variations, to speed up thorough PCB testing tasks. The BoardMaster can also be helpful for determining operational equivalency when engineers are challenged by supply chain issues that include refurbished boards and changes in component part numbers or manufacturers.

Conventional end-of-line testing is sometimes accomplished with a custom-designed test-jig that often relies for results on conventional equipment like oscilloscopes, DMMs, or else just installing the board in a product to ‘see if it works'. These methods are hard to automate, are not thorough, and can be quite subjective between different operators. A critical issue for product manufacturers is the ability to make accurate, reproducible, and bias-free measurements.

Testing an assembled electronic circuit board is a critical part of the production process. End-of-line testing assesses not only the quality of the product, but also the quality of the production process. Efficient and reliable detection of malfunctioning units is the primary need for test, but reducing rejection rates, keeping statistical data, and maximizing output are additional bonuses. The results of end-of-line testing should be repeatable by different operators, even at different locations using the same equipment. An end-of-line tester should be easy to incorporate on the manufacturing floor, robust, cost effective, and simple to use, with the ability to produce evidentiary documentation.
The ABI BoardMaster is a unique test system that meets these needs, either on a benchtop or in an equipment rack. It uses a mix-and-match selection of CD-drive-sized System8 test instrument modules that can create a self-contained, customized PCB test station with test clip, custom connector, or a custom bed-of-nails from a recommended supplier for connection with the DUT. The BoardMaster provides complete testing and fault-finding with programmable signal stimuli and DMM and oscilloscope measurements for almost any kind of PCB. It can be configured to suit specific immediate needs and later expanded as new requirements evolve. 128 digital and 24 analog test channels enable a variety of test and measurement techniques to find even subtle faults, even on unpowered boards. The BoardMaster can be configured to guide users step-by-step through a test procedure, with custom-annotated images, PDFs, instructions, videos, and attached datasheets to give quick Pass/Fail and component fault results. This is quicker and more economical than using traditional oscilloscopes, meters, and other bench test methods, and allows procedures to be performed by less qualified technicians.

Made in Europe by ABI Electronics Ltd., a leading embedded test equipment manufacturer, the ABI BoardMaster Universal PCB Test Solution is available now from ABI's technical distributor Saelig Company, Inc., Fairport, NY. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 1-888-7SAELIG

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