Salvador Technologies Announces Expansion of its Channel Partner Network in Europe

Company's cyber-attack recovery platform fills growing market need for rapidly dealing with aftermath of inevitable cyber-attacks and improves operational continuity on OT infrastructure

Rehovot, Israel (June 1, 2023) - Salvador Technologies, the innovative provider of the first Instant and Safe Cyber-Attacks Recovery Platform for Critical Assets and Operational Technologies (OT), today announced that the company has expanded its network of channel partners across Europe.

Salvador Technologies reports that the company has recently recruited sales channel and go-to-market partners, including a number of value added resellers (VARs) and system integration firms in France, Italy, Poland, Turkey and the United Kingdom, and is in the process of onboarding additional channel partners in Germany and Spain.

Salvador Technologies' new channel partners are using the company's air gapped, cyber-attack recovery platform to ensure the operational continuity of their critical infrastructure and industrial enterprise customers. As Europe experiences an upsurge in ransomware threats and an increasingly complex geo-political situation, Salvador Technologies' new channel partners are applying the company's platform and technology for multiple scenarios, including rapid recovery from cyber-attacks and IT failures as well as for patching, which can be performed without compromising the customer's HMI.

"SolutionsPT have been delivering OT focused solutions to multiple organizations in government and critical infrastructure for 37 years, which means we understand the unique challenges faced by OT customers when keeping their business operations running," explained Chris Wright, Cyber Security Executive at SolutionsPT in the United Kingdom. "With an increased need to secure previously air gapped infrastructure against malware or failure, Salvador Technologies fills as a growing market need to keep critical systems backed up and deal with the aftermath of inevitable attacks in a way that recovery is fast, cost-effective and has absolute minimal downtime."

Salvador Technology's recovery platform consists of three layers of defense: a cyber recovery unit (CRU) that is connected to a specific computer, HMI or server through a USB port, an agent software that is installed locally in order to activate the CRU and a monitoring application interface that provides fully visibility of the status of each workstation.

"The idea is so simple that it's almost genius: after an attack, you just need to shut down the computer, boot from the device and then you are up and running again within minutes," said Dariusz Nowak, CEO at Pace Poland. "We have already run a number of successful PoCs with industrial and manufacturing customers and we are receiving strong feedback in additional verticals, including international OT consultants, automotive and food and beverage."

Salvador Technologies is working closely with its new channel partners in Europe, providing full knowledge transfer, guided processes for proof-of-concept (PoC) trials, onsite support for live customers, support for joint marketing activities in local markets and more.

"The ongoing threats to OT infrastructure are continually expanding the market potential for our recovery platform and creating new market opportunities for our channel partners to improve the operational continuity of the critical infrastructure operators and industrial enterprises in their local markets," stated Alex Yevtushenko, CEO of Salvador Technologies. "We have strong expectations for working closely with our new channel partners in Europe and engaging additional channel partners in the coming months in more countries across Europe as well as new markets in the United States."
Salvador Technologies invites potential sales channel partners across Europe to schedule a demo and discuss potential partnership opportunities in new markets.

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