RP System® from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Wins Prestigious 2022 AmeriStar Award from the Institute of Packaging Professionals

Innovative Packaging Technology Recognized for its Superior Protection; Keeps Critical Components Safe During Shipping and Storage

New York, NY (August 4, 2022) - RP System from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America (MGCA) has won a 2022 AmeriStar Award from The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP).

RP System is the only packaging solution that combines protection from both oxygen and moisture and allows auto parts, electronics and industrial components to be shipped safely and stored for years in pristine condition. RP System was selected by IoPP for the best industrial/commercial product - this is the first time MGCA has been selected for the award. The achievement underscores MGCA's commitment to quality and RP System's unique promise to provide value and protection to their customers' products.

IoPP's AmeriStar program is one of the industry's oldest and most prestigious packaging design competitions. IoPP is dedicated to the growth of the packaging industry, and the AmeriStar program highlights some of the best and most innovative packaging designs in the industry. The awards program drew impressive submission numbers, with entrants from global companies such as General Mills, McCormick & Company, Inc., and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America. Judges from various segments of the packaging industry chose 21 recipients based on economics, environmental impact, innovation, marketing, package performance and product protection.

"We are honored that RP System has been recognized with an AmeriStar Award by the Institute of Packaging Professionals," said Sean Hael, Sales and Marketing General Manager at Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America. "RP System is a unique packaging technology that truly supports the needs and desires of component manufacturers in the automotive, electronics and industrial markets. By extending the shelf life and preserving their most sensitive components, we can help lessen the impact that supply chain issues have had on the global economy, which have led to wide-spread consumer product shortages."

Manufactured in Japan and introduced for the first time to North America in 2021, RP System protects a variety of components from oxidation and corrosion. RP System uses a gas barrier bag that withstands oxygen and moisture penetration and a customed RP agent composed of oxygen- and moisture-absorbing compounds. Once sealed properly, RP System provides a protected environment for automotive, electronic, and industrial parts to be shipped safely and stored long-term. Critical components such as semiconductors, circuit boards, bearings, and other industrial machine parts are kept secure in the same mint condition as when they were first manufactured.

RP System also supports manufacturers in achieving their sustainability goals by enabling fewer large-scale factory runs, which can improve efficiency and reduce overhead energy expenditure and operating costs. Products using an RP agent can help mitigate waste, lessening the impact on landfills and reducing environmental pollution.

RP System, along with the other AmeriStar Award recipients, will be featured at the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies' (PMMI) Showcase of Packaging Innovation showroom at PACK Expo International, Oct. 23-26, in Chicago.
To learn more about Mitsubishi Gas Chemical's oxygen and moisture absorber technology visit rpsystem.info.

About Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America has been leading the way in the fields of basic chemicals to specialty and advanced materials in the United States since 1984. As a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. in Tokyo, MGCA follows the same company motto, "To offer unique products through original technology." With Tokyo leading the charge and developing innovative new technologies and materials, MGCA strives to bring that excellence to the shores of the United States of America. For more information, visit www.mgc-a.com.

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