BMG Announces NextGen Controls

Intuitive Human-Machine Interface for existing and future BMG products and brands

BEAVERTON, Michigan - BMG, the world's leading provider of forming, tooling and automation solutions for the global packaging industry, announces NextGen Controls™, an intuitive, easy-to-use HMI (Human-Machine Interface) platform that simplifies operations and reduces training requirements for new employees. The NextGen Controls platform is compatible with most existing servo-based BMG machines and will provide a common look and feel to all BMG brands and products in the future.

New employees now universally bring years of smartphone experience, making them immediately prepared to interact with NextGen's intuitive graphical user interface and multitouch gestures. Clear, detailed graphical representations of the machines are displayed on the 24-inch high-definition widescreen industrial PCs.

The operator just needs to point and click on a particular component to bring up a window to set recipes and process parameters. They can pinch and zoom for more detail and click for context-sensitive help messages and instructions. The navigation is easy, with the most frequently used functions available within one or two clicks.

Everything the operator needs is readily available on screen, including training videos, as well as the entire print package with all schematics and a bill of materials and parts listing.
The NextGen Controls platform is fully compatible with BMG's Advanced Digital Readiness™ web- and app-based portal for remotely monitoring thermoforming and product handling applications and accessing important process data.

About BMG
BMG in Beaverton, MI, is a global leader in thermoforming, tooling and automation with best-in-class quality and innovative product lines. It designs and manufactures a complete line of continuous thermoforming equipment, tooling, material handling and packaging automation, robotics, and related services including system upgrades, prototyping, process optimization, and technical support. Its equipment has been "Made in North America" for nearly 70 years, with systems operating in over 70 countries serving customers worldwide. Visit for more information.

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