What Are The Benefits Of Automated Screw Fastening System?

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What are the Benefits of Automated Screw Fastening System?

Machines have become an indispensable part of our lives. From daily chores to industrial manufacturing processes, manual labour is gradually being replaced by machines.

Used with or without a human operator, these automated machines are preprogrammed to perform a particular task. An automated screw fastening machine is one of the commonly used devices on an automated assembly line.

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A screw fastening machine automates the process of picking, driving and fastening screws during manufacturing. On some models, the screw driving arm is fixed and the component is moved towards the fixture where it can fasten the screws. On the contrary, a moveable arm moves towards the component to fasten the screws.

The screw driving machine may have an in-built screw feeder. The screw dispenser selects and aligns screws in the required orientation, before transferring them to the component where they must be fastened. On other units, it could be attached as a separate unit.

Using an Automated Screw Fastener brings in several benefits:

1. The technique enables the highest level of precision in manufacturing. It makes use of fixed angles and sensors to ensure screws are fitted accurately.

2. Automated screw driving boosts the production capacity of an assembly line. They can handle large loads of screws. Not just this, by simply adjusting spindles and nozzles, it can easily handle screws of different lengths and diameter heads.

3. When done manually, there is a possibility that workers could get tired and need a break. Unlike workers, machines can work long hours without needing a break. Besides, working at higher speeds, they can accomplish more work in the same amount of time.

4. Since they perform tasks based on predetermined operations, the manufacturing processes achieve a higher consistency in quality.

5. Most automated screw fastening machines are multifunctional. They can complete varied functions based on the input directions received making them extremely time-saving and convenient.

6. Detection of errors and inconsistencies is another advantage of using an automated screw driving mechanism. For instance, it can detect and rectify if a screw has not gone in straight or hasn't been tightened all the way to the bottom.

With a machine assigned the job of performing repetitive tasks, staff can be directed to more productive jobs. Where an operator is necessary, they might, at the most, be needed to supervise and direct movements.

On the whole, using an automated screw fastening machine can boost your company's bottomline. It not just saves you time and money, but provides good value for the money invested.

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Given the options available in automated screw fastening devices, there are those designed as machines and others as robotic systems. The former works out much cheaper when it comes to automating the screw driving process. The complex robotic solutions cost more, but are also designed to handle a more diverse range of tasks. They tend to be more adaptable, too. They are ideal for large-scale units as their size also demands more space.

To ensure the machine is worth the price you paid, it is important that you buy an automated screw driving machine from a trusted manufacturer.
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